Parameters Of Organizational Health- Part 3

The Organizational Health Index or OHI lists nine parameters of a healthy organization for sustained performance. A project by McKinsey & Company, the relevant research shows these aspects are extremely important for a company to be successful.

This is the third post in a three-part series which looks into the nine health parameters and the potential ways in which you could instill them in your organization. If you haven’t read the first and second posts, it’s highly recommended you do so before getting further into this post.

Here, we discuss the parameters of organization’s health- numbers seven through nine.


It goes without saying that you should build the right capabilities inside the organization to achieve business goals. And capabilities form the seventh key parameter for organizational health. There are certain important aspects to this, which we would look at closely now.

Talent acquisition

Perhaps a tad obvious but one of the most important elements of building the right capabilities is hiring the people with the right skills and learning mindset. The tricky part is judging correctly the skills that are relevant to your business, or the business transformation you have in mind.

Temons Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility that helps you discover your True Personal Vision. This vision would help you chart the future trajectory of a business. This gives you a better idea of the kind of talent required for that.

Talent development

One of the key attributes of TVL is that it encourages team members of share their vision with each other. In the process, they communicate their core values and aspirations, as also information about their skills.

This helps you gain insights into each team member, where they lag and what their strengths are. This information aids immensely in helping develop skills in your talent pool.

Process based capabilities

Every business transformation requires its own set of processes. And each process calls for its own special capabilities from the team members. These capabilities should be identified, and then nurtured in them.

Note that this kind of capability-building could be continual effort since different processes might be involved in the running of a business. In other words, you need to be a ‘sustained inspiration’ for the team to pull this off, time and time again.

A whole set of soft skills may come in handy at such instances, which you could explore here.

Outsourced expertise

Thanks to your vision, you know the destination you- and your team- are moving towards. This also gives you a good idea of the capabilities and expertise you need to arrive at the goal.

Depending on the resources at your disposal, you could then determine which capabilities you could develop in-house and which ones you need to outsource.



Motivation is the eight important health parameter for an organization. Let’s now take a deeper dive into the various aspects of this crucial factor.

Meaningful values

The values that the organization stands for should be strong enough to inspire the team members. So should the values a manager holds on to during a transformation. This is intrinsically linked to aesthetic- the set of principles and values underlying the work of a change agent.

Inspirational leader

For a leader to be able to inspire his or her team, a personal vision is necessary. The vision would act as a perennial inspiration for the leaders which in turn helps them inspire their subordinates.

Career opportunities

Steady ascendance in the career ladder is a pivotal factor which inspires a change agent. With continual development of skills, you could enable the team members along this ascendance. In this regard, equally important is priming them for positive behavioral changes.

Financial incentives

Financial incentives for better performing members and teams are a well-known motivational strategy used by many organizations.

TVL helps you define the compelling shared vision for the teams. This gives you a parameter to compare the team’s performance against and determine the incentives.

Rewards and recognitions

Over and above financial incentives, other rewards and recognitions could also be in place for strong performers in a team. The utility of compelling shared vision discussed in the above section holds true here as well.


Work environment

Last but not the least, the work environment forms a key parameter of an organization’s health. Let’s look at the various elements that come under this health parameter which plays a key role in employee satisfaction.

Open and trusting

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship, and there is no reason why professional relations should be any different. One thing which promotes trust among team members is a deeper understanding of each other. This is facilitated by TVL, in which they are encouraged to share their personal visions, values and aspirations with each other.

The team members do this with the aid of Influence Maps. This is a proprietary tool used in TVL, which incorporates the major steps of Personal Mythology, Clean Slate, Personal Vision and Compelling Shared Vision.

Influence Map

The exercise of sharing via Influence Maps fosters better understanding among the team members, which in turn leads to a more open and trust-driven work environment.

Internally competitive

A healthy internal competition could go a long way in creating successful businesses. A sustained level of high individual performance is called for this.

And that’s possible only if the team members are inspired by the goal towards which they are moving. The Compelling Shared Vision which is realized during TVL is important in this regard.

Operationally disciplined

Being disciplined enough to carry out the different operations necessary for the functioning of a business- it sounds like an elementary or obvious necessity. But unfortunately, it’s also something missing in many organizations.

Clearly defining the functions of each team member would help in this regard.

Creative and entrepreneurial

The creative spirit drives disruptive ideas in business while an entrepreneurial zest helps create opportunities where they didn’t exist before. This combination is much desired in a team. But one factor which usually prevents change agents from tapping into their creative or entrepreneurial self is the set of misapprehensions they may have about processes and people which make them resistant to changes.

These misapprehensions and fears are usually the result of poor past experiences. And the individuals find it hard to rise above these negativities which pull them back.

The Clean Slate session which is part of TVL is an excellent solution for this. Encouraging change agents to self-reflect, it helps them weed out mental inhibitions and move on with only those mental assets which could help them in their onward progress.

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