Temenos Vision Lab (TVL)

Who is it for?

‘I am at a loss. I don’t know how to lead or transform my team with vision.’

Anyone who has ever felt this stands to emerge from the dark and lead with vision, with Temenos Vision Lab (TVL).

What exactly is True Personal Vision?

At Temenos Vision Lab (TVL), we don’t ‘plant’ a vision in you. Rather, we help you discover the vision within yourself. For true vision is a force of life which resides deep in you. You just need to discover it, bring it up like diamond impugned in sand. We help you not just find it, but also polish all the dust and smear off it, so that vision shines bright as a leading light.

Why Vision is crucial for organizations?

The fact that the world is fast changing is overstated, but still remains a fact nonetheless. This means companies should keep adapting to the ever changing environment. Put another way, companies should be dynamic.

With passion and ingenuity, such dynamism is achievable. But the harder part is ensuring this dynamism shouldn’t come at the expense of stability. In the conventional business view, dynamism and stability are opposing forces. It needn’t be. The element of stability could be inculcated if you have vision.

In most companies, the stability factor is seen in the founder or the leader. The rest of the team members surround this person, seeking guidance. However, unless the vision is not alive in this person, s/he couldn’t be the stable platform which keeps the organization grounded. On the other hand, a vision enabled leader knows how much dynamism is beneficial in the overall scheme of things. So s/he could guide the organization appropriately.

To put it simplistically, a dynamic phase is like a detour in a car trip. A leader with vision knows how far off the main track you could go before you start to get irretrievably lost. So, s/he knows when to steer things back to the main path. Or rather, his or her vision enables that.

How is Vision a practical asset for you?

There are significant ways in which vision helps you better manage processes in your organization.

  • Once your vision is awakened, you could identify key processes in the business that pertain to that vision. Then, you should ensure that all departments involved in these processes have the same targets and metrics. This encourages collaboration tremendously.
  • Another thing vision helps with is allocation of resources- this includes people as well. Many times, processes fail because of misallocation of resources- you either allocate too much at the wrong place or too little at the right place, or both. With a solid vision in place, all the jigsaw pieces of resource allocation fall in the right places.
  • The right work culture is the strongest cohesive force that keeps a team smoothly functioning. More often than not, leaders are incapable of envisioning a culture since they lack vision. To continue our analogy of the car journey, culture dictates the mode of interactions among the travellers. If it’s a beach trip, practically anything goes. But if you are on your way to a major business presentation and has some last minute preparation to do, blasting trance music off the speakers won’t probably help. In other words, from the type of destination (the vision) comes the mode of behavior (culture).

How does Temenos help you discover your True Personal Vision?

Derived from over 25 years of observation and consultation experience of its founder, Siraj Sirajuddin, Temenos has created multiple proprietary tools which incorporate psychology and management principles in equal measure. Among the most important of these is Influence Maps.

The Influence Maps forms a key part of the Temenos Vision Lab.To give a brief overview, the Influence Maps has the following key steps.

  • Personal Mythology: Using the power of storytelling, this session helps you re-discover deep seated memories and spark awareness and realization. Introspection, visualization and articulation are the three major components of this session.
  • Clean Slate: A session designed specifically to eradicate the prejudices, misconceptions and other mental stumbling blocks that prevent a change agent from evolving.
  • Personal Vision: The session most concerned with recognizing and bringing to fore your personal vision.
  • Compelling Shared Vision: To move towards a destination, the organization or team should have a shared goal. This session helps define that goal or vision, towards which the team could move with confidence, sans obstacles.

To explore the Influence Maps in more detail, please follow this link.

How TVL helps you transcend mediocrity?

In the psychological sense, the net effect of TVL is transcendence. The four key features of the TVL experience closely correlate to what William James- the late psychologist who was also the first educator to offer a psychology course in America-mentioned about states of transcendence.


This feature has more to do with the definition of the TVL experience rather than its expression. It’s a direct experience the contents of which are nigh impossible to communicate to another. The classical definition of ineffability is “too great to be described in words.” That’s not far off the mark with the TVL experience.

Noetic quality

Although the TVL experience in its end form comes across as a deeply sublime state of feeling, it’s also an intellectual state. For the aforementioned state of feeling brings knowledge of the profound depths of your own self- of memories, forgotten but significant information, values and more.


The state of consciousness you enter into with TVL, is transient. It’s hard to remain at such a mental plateau for more than a few hours. But the imprint it leaves behind is long-standing. Reliving the memory of the particular experience helps you access that elevated plane from time to time. Also, with continual recall, you gain a sense of “inner richness.”


Passivity, or the feeling of the nominal self being guided by a higher self is central to the TVL experience. Even though this sense of being enwrapped in the light of pure consciousness may fade after the session, the merit of the experience stays with you. It helps you progress in your inner life, helping you continually evolve as a change agent.

The goal of transcendence is moving beyond the mediocre. To leap across a formidable challenge with insight and mental acuity. As the four features above show, TVL offers a bridge from mundanity to your bright next step.

Who are the facilitators?

To guide you through the sessions towards the discovery of your True Personal Vision, Temenos has rounded up some of the most experienced and profoundly insightful consultants in the organizational transformation arena today.

Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson

Temenos Facilitator

Siraj Sirajuddin

Siraj Sirajuddin

Founder & Author -The Temenos Effect

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