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Digital Era, which is also known as the Computer / Information / New Media Era, is a period in the 21st century with the introduction of the personal computer. With this subsequent technology begun implementing the ability to transfer information freely and quickly, characterized by the rapid shift from traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information technology. The potential for new ideas to disrupt industries and big corporates to go extinct unexpectedly has never been greater. This needs progressive reimagining of how an organization uses people, processes, and technology to operate and innovate. Technical agility is the key to survive in this age of technologies like artificial intelligence, distributed ledgers, and extended reality.

But what does Technical Agility mean? And how can it help you survive in the current rapidly changing environment?

Technical Agility defines the crucial skills, Lean-Agile principles and methods needed to create high performing Agile teams who create high-quality, well designed technical solutions.

Technical Agility goes beyond Code. It starts much before even a single line of Code is written. It continues much after the coding has been completed, Involves Business and Operations in the Agile process. It can be achieved through a combination of many well-known and widely adopted practices such as Agile / Lean values and principles, Agile Engineering practices and DevOps practices, along with many tools and technologies.

Agile Software Development is
Adaptive rather than predictive
People-oriented rather than process-oriented
Small production-ready increments
Delivering value in shortest sustainable lead time

Why Technical Agility Consulting is needed?

Focused setup of the targeted Technical Agility process and practices i.e.

  • JIRA Setup and Configuration
  • JIRA Integration with DevOps pipeline
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment and Roadmap creation
  • Versioning, Build, Code review, Code Coverage, Static Analysis, Repository Management
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline setup
  • Behavior Driven Development enablement
  • Test Driven Development enablement
  • Continuous Testing with Dockerized Selenium tests
  • Web servers, Cloud services, and containerization
  • Monitoring and logging

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Our Offerings

  1. Technical Agility Introduction Workshop
  2. Technical Agility Foundation Workshop
  3. Technical Agility Continuous Exploration Workshop for BAs, Developers, Testers, and Operations
  4. Technical Agility Continuous Exploration Foundation Workshop for BAs, Developers, Testers, and Operations
  5. Technical Agility BDD using Cucumber Workshop for BAs, Developers, and Testers
  6. Technical Agility Browser-based Testing using Selenium Workshop for Testers
  7. Technical Agility Mobile App Testing using Appium Workshop for Testers

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We Temenos+Agility specialize in deep immersion into your organization’s context, its current digital footprint, and agile fluency and roll out an effective Digital Transformation Strategy+Execution. The real power resides in the “+.” Temenos+Agility is a combined experience of two parallels, The WHY and the HOW of Digital Transformation. We engage “Lean-Agile Methodologies” and “Temenos Shared Vision and Leadership Transformation models” to produce a compelling shared vision of your digital culture, that can be implemented in an agile way.

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