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Every organization is looking to improve its business agility. However, most organizations struggle to achieve Business Agility because of limitations in their product development & delivery. These limitations come in many forms, such as, legacy products, old technologies, non-scalable environment etc.

These limitations arise as the organization lacks technical agility.

Technical Agility can be achieved through a combination of many well-known and widely adopted practices such as Agile / Lean values and principles, Agile Engineering practices and DevOps practices, along with many tools and technologies that support these practices.


In this 1-day Technical Agility Workshop, you’ll learn the meaning of Technical Agility, what it means to your organization, and what does it take to lead your organization towards true Technical Agility, which is fundamental to achieving true Business Agility.


This workshop is intended for those who will be materially and directly involved in bringing Technical Agility into an organization. This includes leaders, change agents, and consultants responsible for implementing Business & Technical Agility as part of an enterprise-wide transformation initiative. Attendees typically include:

  • Internal, External and Executive Change Agents
  • Professional Services Consultants
  • Business and Technology Executives, Leaders, Managers, and Directors
  • Portfolio Managers and Fiduciaries, Project/Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Development, QA, and IT Management
  • Product Managers and Product Line Managers
  • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects and Engineers

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Technical Agility
    • Background
    • Ingredients of Technical Agility
    • Who has adopted? Mirage or Reality?
    • Challenges - Domain-specific, Technology-specific
    • Toolchain - Practices and Tools
  • System Transformation and Organizational Culture
    • Strategies for leading cultural transformations
    • Organizational level challenges
  • Collaboration – Aligning Biz, Dev, Ops and other groups
    • Practices and strategy
    • Activity and demo
  • Continuous Testing - Strategy, Tools, and Demo
  • Automate Build and Continuous Integration - Strategy, Tools, and Demo
  • Automate Deployment - Strategy, Tools, and Demo
  • Automate Provisioning - Strategy, Tools, and Demo
  • Automate Monitoring and Continuous Feedback - Strategy, Tools, and Demo
  • Meaningful Metrics, Information Radiators and Lead & Lag indicators

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