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Creating a Culture of Enterprise Agility

In today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace, businesses have no choice but to embrace lean-agile practices to innovate quickly. Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up, beyond the routine technical changes; it is so adept at handling.

To create an environment promotive to innovation, leadership must build and nurture elements like people and culture, strategy, process, agile tools, and technology.

Being said so, where do we start - Start should be with the people who will be executing your vision: your employees. How you hire them, train them, and integrate them will set the stage for the agile culture you want to bring in, eliminating resistance from the down.

With all those positive pushes for enterprise agility, why do organizations fail or slow in adopting Agile? The answer is, it is difficult to shift a traditionally known delivery methodology into a culture across the entire organization. Organizations do recognize the benefits when implementing Agile at the team level; however, they face the heat when engaging in an organization-wide culture change. So, how do we address such challenges?

The answer is, that’s precisely what Scrum Master’s do with perfection.

Why Enterprise Agility?

As we define Enterprise Agility asset of organizational practices, beliefs, core values that harness large numbers of agile teams to build and release quality build software rapidly. By the definition of it, we can draw the reason why enterprise agility.

Enterprise Agility differs from Business Agility, wherein it includes structural and culture change to include all departments HR, Ops, Finance, Compliance, etc. and the executive teams to create a culture of success, innovation, and adaptability to changes across the enterprise.

Enterprise agility needs capabilities to transform and acquire a new business opportunity. Learning those capabilities, such as continuous delivery and scaling agility to the product, portfolio and business models, is challenging in many enterprises. That’s where we Temenos+Agility bring in our expertise to dissolve challenges and deliver results.

Why Temenos+Agility for Enterprise Transformation

Embarking on the journey of an agile transformation is a significant decision, but the benefits are enormous. In this journey of your Enterprise Transformation, how we can help you;

Linking Agility with value

With our deep expertise in agility and best practices from successful agile transformations to help you quickly unlock benefits by applying the principles of coordination.

Scale Agility

Experimentation is, but that does not answer scalability. Scaling up is hard. We bring in an integrated approach working side by side with you to design changes to processes, people, structure, and technology to successfully take agility to an enterprise level.

Benefits of Enterprise Agility for your Organization

Enterprise Agility is a practical framework for enhancing Agility and equipping your enterprise to respond at the right time to the proper business functions to outperform the competition and drive growth. We have made an effort to list out a few benefits that Enterprise Agility brings to you;

  • Align enterprise, its products and services to the customer’s journey.
  • Determine the right technology and delivery methods to meet customer needs.
  • Assess current Agile and DevSecOps practices and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Assess current business culture and draw a plan for organizational change to address cultural change needed for enterprise agility.
  • Leverage capabilities to continuously improve.
  • Foster innovation and responsiveness.
  • Control digital landscape that optimizes your investments.
  • Increased agility delivers better results across the enterprise.

Temenos+Agility Offerings

Enterprise Readiness Assessment

Before setting a business transformation plan for the future, you must have clarity on the goals and ability of organizations to innovate and apply that to scale. We help you will receive a readiness assessment to determine your current agile fluency and come up with the areas of improvement.

If this is done as a part of SAFe® Assessment, we effectively utilize various tools available from SAFe to come up with the assessment and recommendations. The multiple dimensions of assessment include;

  • Leadership
  • Team Maturity
  • Way of working assessment
  • Tools usage
  • Review of current practices

We do the evaluation using a combination of individual and group interviews, self-assessment through templates, observing the current way of working and immersive workshops.

Enterprise Readiness Assessment
Enterprise Transformation Roadmap

Enterprise Transformation Roadmap

We firmly believe that each organization is unique and there’s no cookie-cutter approach to the transformation. Their transformation journey depends on their past mission, current constraints, and future vision.

We can help you create the transformation roadmap for your organization. The Enterprise Readiness Assessment forms an input for this.

We understand that the roadmap is not in stone. It will consist of several learning cycles followed by a reflection upon the outcomes that will help course-correct. This is how the roadmap is structured, to add reflection points by intention.

We also help you to create, tool and enable the transformation team of change agents that will execute the transformation program.

Leadership Development, Mentoring and Coaching

Every enterprise, irrespective of where they are on their Agile transformation journey, understand the importance of effective leadership for successful transformation.

Here, the leaders, not only have to form, bless and enable a high-performing transformation team, they have to take part in the journey and lead from the front.

More likely than not, the leaders would themselves have to undergo a personal transformation to be ready to lead the enterprise successfully by learning and exhibiting new behaviors.

We can help your leaders with our immersive personal transformation programs for leaders. It consists of a combination of learning methods - from book reading and analysis to deep self-reflection, multiple simulations and case studies and continuous coaching and mentoring.

Leadership Development, Mentoring and Coaching
Value Stream Mapping and Recommendations

Value Stream Mapping and Recommendations

To maximize the benefits from Agile adoption, teams need to be organized around the value being delivered by the enterprise or part of the enterprise that is adopting Agile. Often, we find that organizations, due to historical reasons, have optimized their operations keeping a few internal parameters or constraints in mind.

We can help you if you are struggling with the way you are organized.

The intervention may result in a more matrixes structure where people come together to work and deliver value, or your enterprise may want to go all the way and re-organized themselves into the various value streams.

We can help you on this journey by recommending the right path for you.

Offshore Organization Assessment and Recommendation

The increase in Agile adoption across all industries has compelled global organizations to rethink how they work with distributed teams across time zones, locations and partners and vendors. Since Agile is an intrusive change for all, the solution cannot be merely redefining the way of working for the teams.

We specialize in working with organizations to help with an Agile adoption approach that is inclusive of their Captive teams and virtual teams from their offshore partners. In many cases, we have seen enterprises approaching us specifically to bring in their other, distributed teams into the Agile transformation that is already underway in the parent organization.

We look at the challenges holistically and suggest the right approach for the enterprises.

We also work with the offshore components of organizations to:

  • Make them Agile-ready
  • Setup distributed Agile for them
  • Setup Agile in Multi-vendor scenario successfully
  • Help adopt Agile in the current development and operations team
Offshore Organization Assessment and Recommendation
DevOps Assessment

DevSecOps Assessment

A natural progression in the Enterprise Agile journey is to move towards DevSecOps adoption. We can help you assess your current DevSecOps maturity and recommend the way forward with the help of right DevSecOps tools. This would include looking at your enterprise's Agile fluency, automation status, Deployment sophistication, Rollback policies, and processes and the team’s maturity and readiness. Not to forget our capability in DevSecOps training courses customized and delivered at your premises.

DevSecOps Strategy and Roadmap

It is logical to follow the assessment with the strategy to move towards an organization’s DevSecOps vision. Our DevSecOps Architect helps you with this strategy and roadmap. Our recommendation will include the gaps in the current way of working, how to fulfill those gaps, and suggestions around the appropriate interventions required to reach DevSecOps maturity.

PI Planning and Facilitation

Every enterprise recognizes the importance of getting the complete product team together from time to time to plan for releases. This seemingly simple activity involves a lot of pre-work, team preparation time, event planning and facilitation.

We can help you with your PI planning by facilitating all the aspects across all the stakeholders from the Business teams, Architecture, PMO and the Development teams.

Release Planning and Facilitation
Product and Portfolio Management Planning

Product and Portfolio Management Planning

Temenos+Agility works with leaders and change agents to transform their enterprises into an Agile organization, We extensively work with CXOs, Portfolio directors and Change teams to assess the complete Portfolio (or Product, if each Product is an independent division), and arrive at the best way to organize, measure, determine and govern the portfolios.

We can help you with a complete assessment of the current functioning of the portfolio services, gap identification and creating strategies to bridge the identified gaps.

Inspect & Adapt Planning and Facilitation

We have witnessed several organizations that have successfully transitioned to Agile but soon get stuck at the current performance level. One of the primary reasons for the plateauing of their performance is the ineffectiveness of their Inspect and Adapt phases.

We can help facilitate these phases, and also train and hand hold your leaders and teams for effective inspect and Adapt workshops.

Inspect & Adapt Planning and Facilitation
SAFe Consulting

Along with training teams on SAFe, we also help enterprises throughout their transformation journey. Given below are some of the areas where we offer consulting on SAFe.

Evaluating SAFe

Many of our customers come to us to understand if SAFe is the right choice for them. We help them know SAFe, map up their organizational needs to how SAFe can help them and create the business case for them.
We also evaluate Enterprise leadership teams to understand their readiness for the transformation, identify gaps and create a plan to address the gap.

SAFe Readiness Assessment

As a SAFe SPCT Gold Partner with SPCT and SPC expertise on board, we can help you with the SAFe recommended readiness assessment.

SAFe Value Stream Mapping

We can help you identify your value streams and arrive at the different program teams supporting the value streams. This will be based on SAFe recommendations and guidelines.

SAFe PI Planning Facilitation

As a SAFe SPCT Gold Partner with SPCT and SPC expertise on board, we can help you with the preparation and conduct of the PI Planning ceremony.

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Assessment

Sustaining and nurturing an Agile Enterprise is one area where we see organizations falter, even after going through a very successful transformation. Often, a Portfolio-level assessment to understand the management and governance practices in place helps in identifying impediments. We can help you with an evaluation of how your portfolio is managed and verifying the lean principles advocated by SAFe are adequately and appropriately addressed.

SAFe ART Assessment

As a SAFe SPCT Gold Partner with SPCT and SPC expertise on board, we can help you assess running ARTs and offer recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the ART.