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As a leader, you must guide your organization through the turmoils of the transformation and promote the right behaviors and practices

RTE - The Driving Force Behind Continued Agile Implementation And Successful ARTs

A Release Train Engineer plays a critical role in the Scaled Agile Framework®. Also called the Uber Scrum Master or the Master Scrum Master, an RTE juggles many responsibilities; none more important than driving the Agile Release Train and making sure it stays on track to meet its objectives. An RTE is like a Scrum Master for the Agile Release Train.

The art of leading large projects to success

Size does matter- these three simple words made famous by pop culture are extremely relevant to leading huge business projects.

A Mckinsey article uses the term ‘ultralarge’ to describe such projects- typically valued at $1 billion or more. These projects, which could take up to five years or more to finish offer a unique challenge to leaders what with the intricacies of decision making and parameters involved.

Fail-fast to get it right the first time

There is a myth around Fail-Fast agile concept that it is a license to fail as long as you are learning. Yes, it does seem like a fair trade-off - when your agile teams are failing they are also learning and improving. However, it should not be taken as an excuse to fail or take the failure itself lightly. We need to consider HOW we are failing. Fail fast cannot be attributed to the fact that the team just cannot code or test properly, that’s bad team formation and we need to hit the planning board. XP does not prescribe fail-fast, we don’t prepare for failure. The teams play full out to win and accept responsibility for the consequences. Fussing too much about failures and consequences can distract you from your goals. We need to remember that the only thing that all you can control is your own behaviour. You can't control others expectations but it is upto me to do my best and to communicate clearly.