6 Science-Backed Ways to Improve Your Well-Being at Work

The emotional fitness practices that positively impacted the well-being of my diverse audience proved that when it comes to improving well-being at work, small things practiced consistently make a big difference.

Employee well-being is an organizational concern. Your workload and flexibility, your manager, and the culture within your team influence it. Emotional fitness is the skill of creating a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts and emotions, and other people.

Here are six simple yet powerful emotional fitness practices to improve your well-being:
🔦Check in with yourself daily:
Ask yourself how you are doing but be careful not to judge or fix your response. Just become aware. Becoming aware reduces the intensity and helps you feel a little better.

🚶🏽‍♀️Take a few short, quality breaks during the day:
Disconnect from work, refuel, and recharge. It could reduce accumulated stress and overwhelm and improve focus. Scrolling social media or reading the news is not a quality break. Just a short walk might do the magic.

🤝Practice acceptance to focus on what you can control:
Acceptance comprises of Acknowledging the situation with clarity, focusing on the facts you know to be true. And identifying that one step you could take to move forward with less stress. Ruminating about stressful situations drains our energy. These steps help to focus our attention on what we can control and take productive action. It gives our brain a sense of progress and motivates us towards other useful steps.

👥Prioritize micro-moments of connection with colleagues:
Greeting your colleagues with genuine enthusiasm spreads positive vibes. You’ll feel uplifted, and the other person feel less alone. We’re all starved for human connection after years of pandemic isolation. Social support and feeling connected improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. 
🧠Practice gratitude to counter your brain’s negativity bias:
Create a daily gratitude practice, as simple as writing down three things you appreciate every morning or in the evening. Developing a grateful mindset is always beneficial for your well-being and more during these uncertain times. Uncertainty is energy-draining. Don’t deny the difficulties but do remind yourself that they are not the entirety of your life. This fuels your emotional energy and helps improve your resilience, which is your ability to adapt positively amidst challenges.

🌞Practice active rest outside of work:
It’s vital to spend time outside of work doing things you love to fuel your energy actively. You are less likely to burn out when you disconnect yourself from work.
“You are not your job!”Even if it’s your passion. Active rest is an investment in your ability to bring your full capacity to your work for a long period of time.


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