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The Soulmate: The Poetry Book of Temenos

The Soulmate

The Poetry Book of Temenos

Drawings from the Heart: The Temenos Influence Maps of Susan Gibson

Drawings from the Heart

The Temenos Influence Maps of Susan Gibson

Introduction to Influence Maps: Visualizing the Stories of Our Changed Agents

Introduction to Influence Maps

Visualizing the Stories of Our Changed Agents

Temenos: A Reliable Vehicle for Organizational Transformation


A Reliable Vehicle for Organizational Transformation


The Temenos Effect

The Surprising Results of Wounded Healers Approaching the Transforming Enterprise, Culture and Leadership

Exclusive interview with Dean Leffingwell

Past, Present, Future; all you want to know about Agile

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Conversations Of Inquiry : An Invitation To Explore

This small book - Conversations of Inquiry - is an invitation to great conversations. We work regularly with Lean-Agile leaders - and aspiring leaders. - many of whom are considering the next steps in their careers. Young people still in education and about to enter the workforce are often curious and motivated to learn more about their career options and build connections that will help them into inspiring, fulfilling, and abundant work. All of us, as lifelong learners, are constantly called to make choices about the next stage of our learning. The book offers a range of resources for inspiring great conversations that shape and enrich all these choices and learning journeys.

Enterprise and Leadership Transformation

Almost every enterprise transformation team overstates the degree to which they can control negative effects of change and underestimates the time, collaborative energy and money it would take to prepare for the change

We are the pursuers of personal and culture transformational factors that guides the success through employee motivation, teamwork, adaptability, sustainability and community building. We propose the models that commit understanding of interventions in developing more successful enterprise.

The aim is to discover and promote the educational process that can drive the practitioners and change agents to add values in the containers both personally and professionally.

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Embark the Enterprise Transformation

Change is intensely difficult, at both the individual and organizational level.

Overestimation of resource values, fear of consequences and self-motivational problems -- is what make the multiple transformations more wearying.

To face these unpredictable changes the organizations need the change agents to help in the ideation, implementation and productiveness of the change.

Temenos Approaching the Transforming Enterprise

Temenos: Discover your True Personal Vision

A theory to create a learning environment that motivates personal mastery.

Understanding our own path, reflecting on our actions and determining what we value and what we want can be a powerful source of personal growth. The model acts as the coordinator of trust & bonding between the system and the people of the system to the organisational vision of a group.

The workshops will give the insights to recognize your true present-self, which helps to read the patterns of life. The model teaches the leaders the authentic relationship values and helps the container to grow.


No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible


 ▪  Writer, Philosopher

Enterprise Agility Advisory

Delivering Training and Leadership Services to Global Organization and training your Change Agents using Agile Framework.

Enterprise Agility Advisory provides  the ability for the Organizations to take their Knowledge base with some of the models that are Being, Knowing and Doing.

Where in Doing part, the Agility can translate the change all over the initiatives of the organizations into the Agile Framework.

With our team of international SAFe Program Consultant Trainers(SPCT’s), Temenos+Agility offers expert training with SAFe Classes.

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Changing Enterprises, One Individual at a Time

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