Temenos+Agility: Gold SPCT Partner SAI

We are a boutique Organizational Development consulting firm dedicated to the research and application of deep Organizational, Cultural, Leadership and Agility Transformation approaches and tools

Temenos+Agility is a global consulting firm specializing in Lean-Agile, Enterprise Agility, Change Agent Programs and Leadership Transformation. Our convention is to apply “Lean Systems Thinking” in your business venture to introduce affirmative changes. We are one of the few worldwide SAFe SPCT Gold Partners of Scaled Agile with over 100 years of combined experience in deep Enterprise, Cultural and Leadership Agility transformations.

The true power resides in the “+”. Temenos+Agility is a combined experience of two parallels. We engage “Lean Agile Methodologies” & “Temenos Enterprise & Leadership Transformation models” to produce a healthy organizational culture.

We believe “If Agile involves with the container’s extrinsic transformation then Temenos methodology is the gateway entrance to the inherent transformation of the organization and its followers.”

Temenos+Agility Experts

Susan Gibson (SPCT)
Susan Gibson


With over thirty years of experience in the tech industry — from developer to management consultant, and pioneering Agile Transformation coach and SAFe Consultant to Temenos Facilitator, Susan consistently seeks ways to bring authenticity and compassion to software and product delivery.

Susan works with Fortune 500 companies using Agile and Temenos to activate change and true cultural transformation. As a Temenos Facilitator, Susan also leads transformative 3-day labs that apply these same methodologies on a more personal level. She is a major contributor to Urban Campfire, G Day For Girls, and the STIA+Temenos Conference, as well as speaking at several organizational development conferences around the country. Her gentle insights are always perceptive and she has a knack for bringing together groups of seemingly incongruent teams.

Susan is a nomad who loves traveling and learning about new cultures by meeting people from all over the world. She enjoys modern art, and seeing live performances of all kinds, including theater, dance & music. And, let’s not forget movies and books!

Gillian Clark (SPCT)
Gillian Clark


With over 17+years of experience in the tech industry, Gillian is a SPCT — Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant Trainer, Agile Coach and Mentor, Agile PMO, Agile Project Management Trainer, Founder of the Agile Professional Network.

Gillian is Specialist in Agile Scale, Kanban Coach, Certified Scrum Practitioner, Lean and Agile Leadership Workshop, Certified Agile Masterclass Trainer, Program/Project Management. She is a business acumen and her ability to keep discussions focused on what is important. Gillian not only demonstrates an understanding of the Agile approach to delivery, she also lives by these principles and is a great working example. As a result Gillian is always a calm, insightful voice—overlaid with a fine sense of humor.

Gareth Evans (SPCT)
Gareth Evans


Gareth was one of the first seven people in the world to become a Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT). He is also a Cognitive Edge Advanced Practitioner, Advanced Kanban for Software Engineering Practitioner (KCP) trained by David Anderson and Scrum Master (CSM). Gareth is a speaker at both NZ and international Lean|Agile events including LSSC, Agile Australia and Agile New Zealand. He has worked with teams, programs and executives using his deep Lean/Agile skills to solve real problems and help organizations innovate and continuously improve.

Siraj Sirajuddin (SPCT)
Siraj Sirajuddin


With his 25+ years of experience with transforming enterprises, culture and leadership, Siraj has provided excellent change management coaching and leadership to large organizations from all over the globe.

He is the author of the book “The Soulmate: The Poetry Book of Temenos” and upcoming book “The Temenos Effect: The Surprising Results of Wounded Healers Approaching the Transforming Enterprise, Culture and Leadership”.

Siraj Sirajuddin founded Temenos in 2012 after two decades of intense experimentation and deep dives into the hard work of Enterprise Transformation. He is an MBA and one of the few global SPCTs (Scaled Agile Framework SPC Trainers). He and his team of enterprise change agents work with large and complex enterprises all over the world. He is a global nomad and travels between USA and Asia Pacific every month. Siraj hosts the venerable annual STIA+Temenos conference that is celebrated its 25th anniversary in the year 2016.

He has two daughters and loves poetry, music, movies, singing and painting.