Temenos Vision Lab - A Sanctuary To Discover Your Personal Vision

Temenos of the ancient Greeks

In Greek mythology, Temenos is a special piece of land which is dedicated to a god. It’s a sanctuary where kings and chiefs go to occasionally, so they could cleanse their mind and soul. When they return to the mainland, they do so with renewed clarity of vision so that they could guide the people better.

 This idea of a sanctuary which facilitates mental clarity resonates in the modern world as well. 

The_Acropolis_of_Athens_viewed_from_the_Hill_of_the_Muses_(14220794964)-157943-edited.jpgThe Acropolis of Athens

Temenos of the present world

Fast forwarding from the ancient Greek civilisation to the present time, you find the company called Temenos.

A firm that’s inspired by the ancient concept of sanctuary, but which exists to address the issues of the modern man and woman, and the organisations they work in.

Temenos present-012739-edited.jpgSome of the leading Temenos facilitators

The fast changing world and muddled thinking

One of the defining features of the present world is the incredible pace in which things change- especially since we are heavily dependant on technology, which often evolves faster than we could catch up with.

This rapid pace of change also often makes you lose clarity regarding the internal transformation you should undergo to be a successful individual/professional.

fast changing-047965-edited.jpg

Life on the fast lane doesn’t exactly promote clear thinking

How lack of personal vision prevents you from being successful

There might be multiple reasons that prevent you from making that much needed transformation. But a principal reason is a lack of clear personal vision. Defining this vision would help you identify where you wish to be in the future- a necessary condition for charting an action plan to reach that goal.

In the absence of such a vision, you would find yourself in a standstill, unable to determine which direction to move in. This effectively prevents you from reaching the success you desire.

Persona vision 2-982840-edited.jpg

Crafting a personal vision is significant

Temenos Vision Lab- helping you define your personal vision

Temenos helps you come unstuck from this hard rootedness, with the aid of a proprietary lab called Temenos Vision Lab.

Under the guidance of experts from multiple disciplines including management theory and psychology, you would explore your own inner-self in a safe and relaxed setting, where the reasons for the inhibitions that prevent your change are analysed and a futuristic personal vision is realised- using tried and tested proprietary methods!

as copy.jpgThe 3-step process used in Temenos Vision Lab

To know more about Temenos Vision Lab, read our blog on a Quick Introduction To Temenos Vision Labs

A Temenos Vision Lab in progress

000001 copy-2.jpg

For more details, visit our website - https://www.visiontemenos.com/events   

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