Personal Mythology - How to find inspiration for profound agile coaching in you?

If you are someone familiarize with the leading enterprises, you must have realized that we’re one ambitious bunch. It goes without saying, that we always look out for a myriad of best ideas to transform ourselves and find the next ultimate solution.

Constantly asking for something impressive, unexampled and innovative is not bad. Just because we push ourselves to the extreme; do countless trials and errors, that we are able to invent new approaches like Agile. It’s a continuous journey -- where everything transforms by centralizing the inner transformation emerging inside us.

In the introduction of the webinar,

Susan Gibson (Co-Founder, Temenos+Agility)says

“The Agile transformation journey is a story of self.”


“Who am I?" "How do I fit in the world/system around me?” -- most often, we are unable to grasp that -- As a leader or a coach or an individual, where do we stand? Even though our minds are fixated on the idea of making brave choices, taking responsibilities, but challenging the long-established views, unchanging people, and the so-called foreseeable approaches that our personalities are habituated with are difficult to overcome. And that is how we become saboteurs (spoilers) who cause harm to the system. 

Mapping & Transforming the Enterprise with Personal Stories

In an Agile large-scale transformation, what could be the true slogan for change agents?
It is not the persuasion of excellence, says Susan Gibson.
As leaders, it is about developing selves that are worth articulating to others --
bringing that grace, humility and supplication to the system and thinking
“How better would I be able to serve the purpose?”

Personal mythology is telling the influencing organizational stories --- that are around and you notice those. The stories that reflect your “Vulnerable self”, moves people, directs their action and creates a chance for a transformation bringing culture. The curiosity you bring into the system is something that people should able to recognize and accept.

Even if this storytelling process focuses on confident “individualism” and “Self-awareness”, it doesn’t mean that a person would always ask “What is in there for me?” As I mentioned before, it does start with a single person’s transformation but the aim is to grow a collective awareness of problems, issues, answers, and leadership ways.

Note: Personal mythology is not a philosophy, rather a strategy of intellectual people who aggressively quest for a growing transformed culture and bring out the very best coach/change agent they can be. Moreover, this is the way to lead a transformation that helps others and also helps you.

Take your own time to listen the audio, learn how to bring vulnerability, curiosity, humility, awareness and deep listening in your tool-kit as an agile coach. Also, get to hear the special message from Susan about what you are going to experience in the coming Temenos Effect Gatherings.

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