Temenos Clean Slate

The time comes in your life when your past obstacles start affecting your present. And our focus gets deviate from professional life. So how to overcome from this? 

Temenos conducts one session known as the clean slate. It is an opportunity to start fresh despite your past problems. 

One time every human face in their life when you have to overcome your past obstacles. I want to share my personal experience. 

Last year was toughest for me when your life moves smoothly suddenly one after the other hurdles keep coming. In starting off January my life was on track, running towards my goal, but till the end of February, my personal life got so disturbed that I can't focus on my work till the end of August it was like that. 

Then I attended Temenos Vision Labs in October with my colleague and participated in the clean slate lab.

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It really worked for me before I was feeling like getting deeper into the bunker, but I found clean slate has taken me out from to get back to my normal life. Started overcoming from the baggage of the past, again started putting efforts to get back on the track of success. As I say Temenos is the door of opportunities, I closed one big deal at the end of the year, started reading books and writing the articles though my grammar is not good I am a learner and working on my skills. Personally clean slate helped me. 

So as a change agent don't let your development drag you down because of your past obstacles. 

Come and experience The Temenos Effect to learn from them.

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For more details visit our website - https://www.visiontemenos.com/events

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