Influence Maps 101

Temenos is a Greek word that means a container. In the context of individual transformation, we consider each person a container. And one of our aims is to instigate a growing self- awareness in the individual/ container, leading to personal and organizational transformation. Influence maps is a key tool we use in this process. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.56.31 PM.pngInfluence maps help the participants of a TVL to share their stories in an intimate and safe container. We follow these 3 easy steps to introspect, visualize and articulate our stories through the medium of influence maps.   

Introspection -  Lets you dive deep inside yourself- to closely look at the stories that have influenced you. These may include stories of people you met in your life, a tale that you read which made an impression on you etc.   

Visualization -  Explores the power of symbols and images in telling your personal story.   

Articulation - Here, we explore how you could best articulate yourself as a person, and helps you become aware of any mistakes you may have been making. 

002a.jpgParticipants share their Influence maps in 5 storytelling labs : 

Personal Mythology lab - It is a process of storytelling that is divided into 3 parts   

Clean Slate lab - A session that Temenos conducts to eradicate the obstacles or ill reasons which have been dragging down a change agent’s development. 

Personal Vision lab -  A process where you introspect on your vision and  goals in life, and visualize them in a flip chart. You then articulate in front of all the participants what you are and where you wish to see yourself in future. 

Clean State Shared lab - A session Temenos conducts for participants from the same organization to eradicate the obstacles so that members of the whole organization can move in the same direction.

Compelling Shared Vision lab - The whole team is divided into two groups of their own choosing. The first group will work on words that each member has used to describe his/her personal vision, helping to frame a unified vision. The second group would make a cohesive picture using the distinct images which members have used to explain their personal visions. This leads to a clear visualization of the organizational vision. 

001 (1).jpgWhy are Influence maps so appealing? 

You will find out when to use influence maps, and what representation fits best with your organization. Then, you will see the culture of work, transformation in action as well as its most important parameters that you need when using influence maps in your organization. Influence maps ultimately help each member of an organization to make better decisions by providing useful information to know about themselves. This evokes leadership quality in them. 

When you see your organization is struggling, we help you with powerful tools of Temenos in the way of “Influence maps”. 

Here, you can know more about influence maps in Susan Gibson’s book Drawing from the hearts.

Another book you may wish to peruse is Introduction to Influence maps- visualization stories by our change agents.

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