Drawings from the Heart:

The Temenos Influence Maps of Susan Gibson


November 15, 2012 - Kayser Ridge, West Virginia

Day One of my first Temenos Vision Lab

Anticipation. Trepidation. I awoke early on that Friday. I was full of anticipation. I opened my eyes and could fully take in the natural beauty of Kayser Ridge. The trees were in that transition space from Fall to Winter.

They were almost bare. Their leaves were covering the ground for as far as the eyes could see. I LOVE this time of year. The starkness before Winter arrives brings me such calm, such peace. There’s no clutter. The world is clean. I stepped outside and breathed deeply. What a way for me to start my Temenos. What an inspiration for me to start the day.

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Day One was all about reflection on the past, all about identifying the influences in my life that shaped me into the person that I am today. I knew this would be a painful retrospection. There were events in my life, some of which started before I was even born, that had a profound impact on me. I also knew that I would revel in the memories of my life, that I would reflect on the good & the bad, that I would lose myself in these memories, that I would come through this experience with some heartbreak, some celebration, some joy, some sadness, and some surprises.

I sat outside, going deep inside myself. I grew up in rural Northern Maine. I felt a strong connection to the natural environment & beauty around me. I could breathe outside. I had space outside. I was at ease in this environment, I was safe in this environmnt. I was home in this environment.

I started writing & drawing pictures. I let the story of my life unfold. At times I sobbed, at times I laughed, at times I paused to take in the beauty around me. Most times, I had tears silently streaming down my face. What a tremendously cathartic experience. I was ready to draw my first influence map.

Little did I know that this day in 2012 would culminate in the book that you’re now holding. Each drawing holds a deeply personal story about my life & my influences, my successes & failures, my hopes & dreams. And, I’m now sharing them with you.

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With gratitude & love,

January 14, 2017

About the Author Susan Gibson

With over thirty years of experience in the tech industry — from developer to management consultant, and pioneering Agile Transformation coach and SAFe Consultant to Temenos Facilitator, and CEO of Temenos+Agility, Susan consistently seeks ways to bring authenticity and compassion to software and product delivery.

Susan works with Fortune 500 companies using Agile and Temenos to activate change and true cultural transformation. As a Temenos Facilitator, Susan also leads transformative 3-day labs that apply these same methodologies on a more personal level. She is a major contributor to Urban Campfire, G Day For Girls, and the STIA-Temenos Conference, as well as speaking at several organizational development conferences around the country. Her gentle insights are always perceptive and she has a knack for bringing together groups of seemingly incongruent teams.

Susan is a nomad who loves traveling and learning about new cultures by meeting people from all over the world. She enjoys modern art, and seeing live performances of all kinds, including theater, dance & music. And, let’s not forget movies and books!