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Temenos Vision Labs (TVL) enables successful leaders who instinctively know the importance of co-creating a strong shared vision for their teams. TVL helps unlock personal vision of the team members, and then form a shared organizational vision. 

In TVL, this is accomplished in a session of Compelling Shared Vision. In the session, we help an organization create a solid shared vision so that every member would be clear on what they need to achieve-because your vision is your destination, and the strategy you adopt to achieve that vision is crucial.

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How Compelling Shared Vision works 

In Temenos Compelling Shared Vision, the whole team is divided into two groups of their own choosing. The first group will work on words that each member has used to describe his/her personal vision, helping to frame a unified vision. The second group would make a cohesive picture using the distinct images which members have used to explain their personal visions. 

This leads to a clear visualization of the organizational vision. 

IMG20170726155244 (1).jpg Importance of a single, shared goal 

Temenos believes that every organization should have one goal at a time. Chasing too many goals at the same time could be distracting, to say the least. Also, organizationally speaking, the vision should be challenging so your team would get the opportunity to put their best efforts to achieve a goal.   

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How shared goals help you become a great leader 

Being a great leader could be challenging. For as a leader, your job involves not only staying motivated but also motivating others to give their best- even through their differences and external obstacles.   

To create a Compelling Shared Vision for your core team or organization would take time. But once it is part of the organization’s modus operandi, it will tremendously help to get your team “moving in the same direction,” enabling them to stay focused on organizational goals and to accomplish them. 

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