Temenos Vision Lab(TVL) is to activate you and your inner desire of vision, to bring it out like a flame of fire.Many times in our daily life, performing routine tasks, our mind gets diverted from our visions.

Temenos helps individuals activate their vision.


How does Temenos help?

Our minds could work in three different ways:

  • Distracted.
  • Seduced by some fantasy.
  • Stay with your vision.

So most of the time change agents need to avoid distraction or from getting seduced by fantasy, and instead use all your energy to focus on their visions.


Achieving your vision has never been easier. In this regard, I will tell you a famous story of “Mahabharat”.

Indian Princes were tested in the artillery crafts by their preceptor, Drona.

He had placed a wooden owl on the top of a high tree. And then he called all the princes to attention. The target was the eye of the owl. First, he called on the prince regent and said: “Set the arrow to your bow, take aim and tell me what you see”. The regent did as he was told and being polite he said: “I see you, I see the tree, I see the branch and I see the owl”. The teacher said, “ease your bow and move out of the way”. The next prince was called.

Again, he asked to “set your arrow, aim and tell me what you see”. The prince replied,” I see the tree and I see the owl.” The teacher said, ”ease your bow and move out of the way”.

By this time there was real anxiety amongst the princes. So the teacher then next called for Arjun, who was Krishna’s friend and the person to whom Krishna would speak the Bhagwat Gita in the future.

The teacher set “Arjun, set the arrow to your bow take aim, and tell me what you see”. Arjun replied,”I see the eye of the owl”.

The teacher asked :“What else do you see?”

Arjun said, “I see only the eye of the owl”, - “don't you see me?”

“No”. “Don’t you see the tree?”

“No”. “Don’t you see the owl?”

“No”. “You don't see the owl, then what do you see?”

“I see only the eye of an owl”. The teacher nodded and said,”then shoot the arrow”. Arjun shoot and hit the target.

v1.jpgThe lesson is clear from the story.

Here, I refer as Guru Drona as Temenos and Arjun as change agents who want to focus on their visions. TVL helps you to get a vision in life, never take your eye off that vision, don’t get distracted from it by anything or by anyone. Once you will be part of TVL, you will be able to reach it.

Come and experience the Temenos Effect!

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