Leading with Vision - Let's all Ignite, Inspire & Innovate

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Technical agility Conference 2019 was a great success with the Inaugural session of Dr. Kalpana Gopalan and keynotes speakers from around the globe - Jeff Morgan & Ardita, Susan Gibson, Micheal Sahota, and Dr. Rebecca Parsons along with two days sessions delivered by all the speaker filled with excellent knowledge.

Susan's session "Leading with the vision - Let's all Ignite, Inspire & Innovate" was an icebreaker, that made everyone to interact with new people comfortably. It was very interactive; people enjoyed discussing their personal and shared Vision.

Leading with Vision, The Session begins with a question How many of you working in an environment where somebody else deciding Vision for you? 60% of people raised their hands

Speed Temenos

You will get a few minutes to explain yourself to the person whom you don't know and vice versa. It was an interactive session. The audience loved it.




Influence Map

Influence Maps are simple tools to help us articulate the stories of our transforming leaders and cultures.




Attendees enjoyed the session of sharing personal Vision and drawing it on the influence map. In my team, there were 13 members, and they weren't from the same organization. During their Vision sharing session, they were sharing their thoughts and Vision so comfortably as if they know each other. I think it was an excellent example of community building. Influence Maps are simple tools to help us articulate the stories of our transforming leaders and cultures.




What is the Vision?

As you see in the temenos vision Model, there are circles that represent us.

When our universe demands the actions of learning and unlearning of what we truly want (our Vision), the external uncertainties don't permit us. We lose the battle when we lose the self-determination. How can we be more innovative with ourselves? How can we use the rift between Vision and current reality as our source of energy? This urge resides in all. We need to find it!!


Let's draw our Team vision

Influence map




In this image, we can see the Teams enthusiasm and how eagerly they were waiting with the flip charts for their turn to present their Teams Shared Vision with everyone. But due to a shortage of time, we could only allow three teams to give a presentation. Later all the teams Influenced maps were displayed on the wall for the audience to view.

Display of Teams shared Vision


We received a lot of feedback from participants that they enjoyed Susan's interactive session as it made them easy to connect with new people. You can't imagine how happy we were when the participants were energetically revealing their takeaways, at the end of the session.

I feel this activity helps us to sit and reflect on what we are doing, what we have achieved, and what's our Personal and Shared Vision, and whether we are on the right path or not.


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