On guiding the evolution of an organization

Evolution is a fact of nature. It’s the way living things get shaped. It’s how nature equips us to handle new changes, a new set of circumstances. In the process, we master new skills,  develop new modes of social interactions and in certain cases, even develop previously non-existent parts in our physiognomy.

Powerful as evolution is, perhaps the most interesting thing is the sheer diversity to be seen in nature. And it should be noted that the word nature here includes humans as well. That is, we are not external agents who manipulate nature but evolution manipulates its own elements in different ways so that an extraordinary number of lifeforms are formed on the planet.


The container or the organization depends on the leader’s vision for positive evolution

Some of these life forms are curious to look at, some look adorable while some display characteristics which are awe-inspiring while others can teach us-humans- lessons on how to get along well with each other with a clarity which is rarely got from human to human teachings.

But proliferating though the Earth is with life(on the flipside, a lot of species are being lost due to man’s actions), not all the life forms are successful in the long run. Out of all the new permutations of life that nature brings forth, only a few turn out to be fit for the long run. This is both a testimony to nature’s inventiveness and also the fact that nature takes a clinical approach to culling the weed out- so to speak.

Guided evolution as progress

Drawing a parallel between evolution in nature and progress in human life is not unheard of. But as opposed to the physiological evolution which happens to us in a random manner, when it comes to the evolution of our individual selves, we could take charge of the process.

In other words, you get to determine the direction of your growth.

This, needless to say, is an exciting proposition. Indeed, one could say that this ability is the bedrock of freedom. While growth in some form inevitable, the idea of actively shaping it opens up choices. And the ability to make a choice- that is freedom.

That’s one aspect of being able to determine the direction of your evolution. The other part is the responsibility that comes with it.

It’s not only enough to acknowledge that you have the power to guide your evolution. That’s an actionable information you should act upon.

And that’s the point where confusion comes in.

Choosing evolutionary path with vision



Of all the paths of progress available to you, which one would you choose? What is the parameter you should use to pick one over the other? And once you have made the decision, how to ensure that you’d be able to continue on that path?

These and other questions assail the mind once you become conscious of your power to shape your evolution. For leaders, these questions have even more significance since they should guide not just their personal evolution but also that of their organization.

In such a situation, it’s often tempting to choose whatever is profitable in the short run as the evolutionary path. And indeed, many leaders succumb to this temptation which may get compounded by peer pressure and the need to make profit in the short run.

But that’s like missing the forest for the trees. The problem is that by taking such a course, once the trend exhausts itself, you are once again directionless. And it’s a perilous position to leave your organization in.

The answer clearly is something that would help you chart a course for the long run. Something that you would transcend the ephemeral and help you navigate your organization with a firm hand. A destination that takes you to higher and higher prosperity, in the pursuit of which temporary trends may be just stepping stones, at best.

True Personal Vision is what is being talked about here. It’s the unique vision that exists in your self and which lies buried in the mind due to the numerous distractions of daily living. Discovering that vision would be a turning point in your life, something that would change the course of life for good. Being a vision that’s innate to you, pursuing that vision is in many ways natural to you. In other words, it’s an evolutionary trajectory that’s meant for you, and you alone.

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