Strategies to ensure successful organisational transformation

Whenever an enterprise is in the cusp of transformation, it’s common to see leaders getting jittery. The fear behind this is the question: What if the the transformation fails? Though it’s not unheard of for leaders to be unwantedly afraid in such scenarios, neither are these fears completely unreasonable. For unsuccessful transformations sometimes surpass in number the successful ones.

What are the strategies, then, which leaders could adopt to have a better chance for successful transformations? A McKinsey study identifies four elements which result in significantly higher chance of success.


Successful transformations enable change agents to achieve more

Strategy#1: Intentional communication from leaders

Chance of successful transformation: Increases by 8 times

The study found that when the senior management of a team or organization communicate openly with their team members, the chances of a successful transformation being reported was 8 times more compared to otherwise.

One often hears the benefits of smoother communication in multiple organizational contexts. Unfortunately though, the strength of good communication isn’t always leveraged by change agents.

One impediment which keeps them from achieving efficient communication is a lack of depth in their understanding of the skills and values of their team members. Knowing better the latters’ professional selves provides a better platform to talk with them.

In this regard, Temenos Vision Lab(TVL) offers help.It’s a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility based on 25 years of business consultancy experience and psychological insights. It helps change agents realize their True Personal Vision, of which more is discussed in a subsequent section.

In TVL, the team members are not only encouraged to frame their personal vision, they also share the vision with others in the team. In the process, they share their values, skills and aspirations which formed the foundation of their vision with others.

This enables a deeper understanding of the team members and opens an avenue for meaningful communication with them.

Strategy#2: Instilling desired behavior changes in team members

Chance of successful transformation: Increases by 5.3 times

One of the hardest things to accomplish in an organization is instilling behavior changes in the team members. However, if the leaders could instill desired behavior changes in the team, the likelihood of a successful transformation goes up by 5.3 times. For a leader, this is particularly hard in the absence of a personal vision.

A leader’s True Personal Vision is to be discovered in his or her own self. However, the problem is that the possibilities the modern world offers pull at your mind from different corners so you get confused as to the path you should take.

Amidst this confusion, your True Personal Vision gets submerged in the mind. Temenos Vision Lab(TVL) is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility based on 25 years of business consultancy experience and psychological insights. It is designed specifically to help you discover your True Personal Vision.

Once a leader discovers his or her personal vision, it becomes easier for them to instill the desired behaviors in their team members. For one thing, the leader is inspired by their vision, which naturally results in a set of behavioral changes in them which would help them towards that vision.

This real life example of the desired behaviors exemplified by a human- that too someone they look up to- makes it easy for the team members to emulate the behaviors.


Like having a flower bloom, you should nurture a transformation for it to succeed

Strategy#3: Giving priority to team development

Chance of successful transformation: Increases by 3.9 times

A priority put on leading and developing teams is seen to result in a 3.9 times more likelihood of a successful transformation.

One of the key tenets of developing teams is to work with the individuals in the team to help them evolve as change agents.

In this regard, a major impediment that blocks the change agent’s progress is the misapprehensions regarding processes and people they may have developed based on poor past experiences. This makes them reluctant to changes, essentially trapping them in the state of their current professional maturity.

To help them identify these mental blocks and to weed them out, the Clean Slate session included in TVL is most helpful.

During the session, the change agents are encouraged to self-reflect and come to terms with the fact that there are negativities in their thought processes which hurt their professional growth. Then, they could push aside these unwanted mental baggage and progress only with those mental assets that help in their evolution.

Strategy#4: Leaders pro-actively transformation

Chance of successful transformation: Increases by 3.9 times

When leaders take initiatives that contribute to the transformation, the chances of a successful transformation goes up by 3.9 times. The ability of a leader to take such initiatives are in turn dependant on two things: personal vision and shared vision of the team.

As mentioned before, a leader’s True Personal Vision acts as a strong inspiration for them. An inspired leadership is always prone to make meaningful contributions to the organization’s success.

Now, on to the second part of the equation- the shared vision.

TVL enables a team to develop a Compelling Shared Vision which is born from within the team itself. Rather than a goal or target imposed on them, the Compelling Shared Vision is an organic goal, one towards which the team moves. For a leader, this also helps provide an objective based upon which they could devise strategies and make meaningful contributions to the team.

In the video below, Siraj Sirajuddin- founder, Temenos+Agility summarizes the lessons on personal and container transformation he gleaned from interviewing about 2000 change agents:

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