Problems that counter an agile mindset and how to overcome them

The evolution towards an agile mindset is rife with obstacles. Obstacles which are hard to pinpoint because they are cultural norms found in the organization than a system or process. If they were the latter, the problems would have been more easily quantifiable.

So, to smoothen out your organization’s journey to an agile mindset, these are problems you should look out for and their relevant solutions.

Problem: Stressing individual over team performance

A key takeaway from the recently concluded Fifa world cup was to not rely too much on a single player’s performance. Every team that banked on individual performances were shown to the door rather early in the tournament. This lesson is perennially relevant for organizations- especially ones which wish to adopt an agile mindset.

Rather than focusing on individuals, it’s the collective performance of the team that should be the center of attention.

What leaders can do

One strategy a leader could adopt is to suitably reward teams that perform well and also continually progress.To nurture a culture of strong collective performance, the Temenos Vision Lab(TVL)- a session developed by Temenos+Agility helps. Based on 25 years of business consultancy experience and psychological insights, TVL helps a team realize their Compelling Shared Vision- an inspiring goal they could work towards.

For an agile mindset, the collection of people tops an individual

Problem: Not empowering team members for decision-making

A critical folly team managers make and which doesn’t help usher in an agile mindset is to be the source of all decision-making and then bestow those decisions as policies on the team. This management approach slows things down unwantedly. There would be inevitable delays in relaying and then implementing the decision. This delay is further enhanced if the leader needs time to understand an issue before taking a decision, of which a team member might be better knowledgeable about.

If the team members are empowered to take decisions, they could come up with problem-solving ideas to tackle the issues they face themselves. Also, this act of empowerment serves as further motivation for the employee to be a more responsible, and involved stakeholder in the organization.

What leaders could do

A major reason why leaders don’t delegate decision-making powers to team members is because they are unsure of the professional aspirations and skills which every individual in the team possess. This is especially true in the case of new team managers.

Unless they know the team members’ individual capabilities and value systems they would be understandably hesitant about granting them the power to take decisions. TVL offers an apt solution to help you gain a better understanding of the team members.

One of the key tools used in a TVL session is the Influence Maps- a proprietary method which helps the team members explore their inner selves  and then share their values and aspirations with others.

Influence Maps used in TVL

Problem: Lack of confidence in a leader’s guidance

As in any relationship, the one between a team and its leader would also only succeed if it’s based on trust.

One issue that crops up frequently in this context is the team members lacking a trust in the leader. While the leader being lacking in skills etc. would be problems of a different nature, more often than not the aforementioned lack of trust develops because the leader fluctuates in how they guide the team.

While individual decision-making powers hasten the business processes, the business itself needs a unidirectional leadership. While exploration is essential for growth, too many unplanned departures from a  growth trajectory may leave your team members unnerved and less confident in you.

What leaders can do

For a principled guidance, the leader should have a strong Vision which has a personal resonance for him or her self. Such a personal vision would be the source of inspiration for the leader, which in turn helps them instill trust in the team members.

The key purpose of TVL from an individual’s perspective is to help you realize your True Personal Vision. Already, change agents from around the world have discovered their Vision through TVL, helping them lead their teams better. Some of the best management coaches are on board to guide you to your vision.

A vision-inspired leader can see the future trajectory with clarity

Problem: Resolutely following plans over responding to changes

Thanks to the shift in distribution channels internet-based innovations bring and also the disruptives forces this enables, responding quickly to changes has become a priority for contemporary organizations.

Agile- as the term implies- is all about staying nimble even as you pursue business goals. This level of flexibility is sadly lacking in many organizations, and particularly leaders who are in charge of teams.

What leaders can do

The aforementioned flexibility is a mindset rather than a system or process.

One significant impediment which prevents change agents from evolving this mindset is the ill-conceived notions they may have developed based on past experiences. This makes them wary to make swift decisions to effect changes, clinging to a comfort zone.

This comfort zone, alas,  could be a trap they set for themselves, that negates the organization’s chance to capitalize on a sudden change in the market dynamics.

The Clean Slate- a key session in TVL is designed specifically to help change agents assess their inner selves and weed out those misapprehensions which prevent an agile mindset from evolving. You could learn more about Clean Slate here.

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