How Temenos Vision Labs helps you to find out who you are? 

Soulfulness begins by know who we are by knowing who is it, who is mindful. By knowing who it is who is the see-er who’s the hearer who is conscious of all things and all beings around it and the way that the sun illuminates the universe with light, who illuminates the entire body with consciousness?What's that? 

It's the self, the soul. And soulfulness begins with this awareness that we the soul are different from both the body and the mind.

And that we are different from all the activities of the body and the mind. Wheather’s its past, present or future. Just meditate on the sky, it's all-pervading and yet it doesn't mix with anything.   

Similarly, a person in soulfulness although seated within the body does not identify with it or its actions. A soulful person is aware that these external instruments are at work and yet he or she does nothing at all. In this way, a soulful person is never entangled but remains always aloof.

Now let me close by giving a practical meditation on how to cultivate soulfulness. Think of yourself as the driver and your body as a machine, an automobile. In the way that you are always different from the car in which you are seated; be always aware that you are different from your body and its activities that’s soulfulness. And that soulfulness leads to self - realization. 

Temenos Vision Labs helps human to transform their souls to learn the difference between their body and mind, TVL helps you become a change agent filled with soulfulness who leads self - realization in personal or professional life. 

To reform yourself and be a leader come and join the Temenos Effect.

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