The Colors Of Temenos

Our eyes are our primary sensory organs. It’s through the eyes we perceive the world around us- right from the first hazyview of things from the cradle, to the expanded vision of what life has to offer as we grow older.

One thing that makes the act of seeing pleasurable is the colors in our environment.

A fascination with colors and the significant roles they play in human endeavors could be seen throughout human history. In wars, for instance, opposing factions wear different colors- something that could help prevent the wrong person being ended in the confusion of battle. Another example is the use of color as a symbol of mourning. In different cultures, when a person is mourning someone who passed away, wearing specific colors- typically black or white- is an indication.

In the modern era too, colors have a special place in our lives. The colors in the interiors of our homes influence our moods and even productivity. The same is applicable to the shades of light in our living spaces.

All this is to say that colors could be used as a language of communication. One that says, ‘I am your friend and not foe’ or ‘I am warm, I could help you be more productive’

Anyone familiar with the website or other  platforms of Temenos+ Agility would know we use certain colors frequently in our communication. These colors are chosen with more than their visual appeal in mind.

Here, we delve into their meanings.

 Colors Of Temenos


Passion for excellence

To excel at what we do is a human inclination that’s unfortunately rarely nurtured in the modern world. When the core mantra of the contemporary world is to be productive- like a factory assembly line - the idea of excelling falls on the sidelines. But Temenos+Agility believes that any great breakthrough or progress is impossible without a consistent passion to excel.

The color red is the color of our lifeblood- the carrier of energy in our body, which enables us to wake up and pursue excellence. What better color, then, than red to represent the ideology of ‘passion for excellence.’

This ideology of excellence is also intrinsically linked to the verve for leadership and the good it could do in organizations which Temenos+Agility strives to instill in change agents. For while leadership skills are learnable, like any other quality, acquiring it would also be fueled only by a passion for it.


Optimistic about a future made better by transformation

Warm. That’s probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think about the color yellow. The warmth of the sun’s rays on a cold morning. The warmth of friendship or cuddling up with your loved one on a lazy afternoon. A warmth that’s very much related to hope, making yellow the color of optimism.

As a company that helps organizations transform, for Temenos+Agility optimism is all about the possibility of a better future thanks to meaningful transformations. And yellow- gentle yet bright, vibrant yet pleasing- is the carrier of that meaning.

Also, talking about the future, it’s important to have a vision for it. This vision is more than just an abstract notion about where you wish to be at a certain point in the future. It could be grandiloquent- a vision that not just promotes self development but is also worth pursuing for the greater good of a community or an organization.

The optimism derived from such a vision would be immense, and the transformation it enables one-of-a-kind.

To this end, discovering your True Personal Vision is the core purpose of Temenos Vision Lab- a session developed by Temenos+Agility based on 25 years of business consultancy experience and psychological insights.


The space or freedom to evolve which forms the bedrock of Temenos’ transformation ideology

While the outer space is dark, the color white evokes in us another kind of endless expanse. One that provides ample freedom to move, to progress, to evolve.

Consistent learning and the evolution that comes from it form the bedrock of Temenos’ transformation ideology. This is why white is more than just a color to us. For us, the amalgamation of all colors also represents the limitless potential of being human. The color of an expanded mind, the color of the purest light of knowledge- a seeking after the next step in the grand tale of personal evolution.

Color 1

Red, green and blue are some of the colors Temenos+Agility finds deeply meaningful in the transformation arena


Signifying growth- green being the color of growth in nature

Closely following the idea of evolution is the idea of growth. In nature, the color of growth is green. The predominant color of the vegetable life from which every other life forms derive their energy. In turn, these latter lives also find their growth.

In an organizational context, growth is possible for the company only if the people who drive it undergoes inner growth- a mental maturation which happens over and over with time. And each iteration helps one become better at guiding or nurturing an organization or team to greater heights.

This sort of growth- being of an inner nature probably doesn’t possess a singular color. However, if one were to ascribe a color to this growth, one couldn’t choose any better than green. After all, it’s from the green sprouts that every other form of growth derives!


Dependability as a transformation agent

Calm. Tranquil. Gentle. Deep. Sophisticated. These qualities may well describe someone you know. But they certainly describe the color blue- one of the most fascinating colors for humans.

It’s the color of the sky on a cloudless day. The sky that remains an infallible roof over our heads. It’s also the color of the deep blue sea- majestic in its expanse, domineering by its mere presence. An extension of this color sometimes makes its way into music, as notes that rise from a jazz saxophonist’s instrument- becoming a song which you could depend on to put you in the right mood, to bring cheer to life.

More than anything else, that’s the word most associated with the color blue: dependability. For Temenos+Agility, it’s a color of stability, one that signifies our dependability as a transformation agent.

Temenos Effect Gathering 2018- Bengaluru, India(Dec 29, 2018)

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