The Importance Of Personal Mythology In A Leader’s Continual Evolution

Things become harder inside an organization when a leader ceases to evolve continually.

One of the critical issues of leaders ceasing to evolve is they end up becoming a closed system.


More than anyone else in the organisation, a leader should stay open- not just to new possibilities in the market, but also to ideas from team members. For strong ideas from them add momentum to the organisation’s progress. And by staying open to such ideas, the leader would help create an inclusive culture within the organization.

But many leaders, for one reason or another cease to evolve at some point. Worse, they would continue to believe that they are evolving even when they aren’t.

CS (1) (1).jpgThe world of Personal Mythology

Lack of critical self-evaluation

A lack of critical self-evaluation is often the reason why leaders get the misapprehension that they are still on a progress path when they aren’t. Such a scenario leaves them unable to inspire their team members, and thereby the quality of work that the team produces gets affected.

To avoid this, to help you assess yourself in a critical manner, so you could come to a clear understanding of your own self- about how evolved you are at the present moment and how you could further progress as a leader-Personal Mythology Lab is a powerful tool.

PM 23-3.pngPersonal Mythology- a powerful way to self discovery

Personal Mythology Lab

Personal Mythology Lab or PML is one of the proprietary models designed by Temenos- a company that facilitates individual and organisational transformation. Like all the methods Temenos employs, PML is designed based on decades worth of observations and psychological principles.

Simply put, PML leverages the power of storytelling.

It helps you frame a story of yourself, encompassing your past, the present and your possible future. You could take a step back and watch yourself from a detached vantage point. In PML, you will also be visualizing your personal mythology, giving it a crystal clear visual form.

This way, you learn from your past mistakes, get inspired by what you did right and get a clear picture of where you stand right now as an individual or leader.

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A visualization from a PML session

One of the key advantages of PML is that it clears misapprehensions from your mind about yourself, helping you see yourself in a more dignified light, but at the same time helping you realise the potential for continual improvement. This makes for a powerful impetus to get back on a leader’s evolutionary journey.

Every PML session is conducted by expert Temenos facilitators, in a safe and friendly environment where you could freely express yourself. We would be thrilled to have you, and help you discover yourself!

To learn more about Personal Mythology Lab, please read this blog entry.

Personal Mythology Lab in session

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