Atlas is the one who holds aloft the container of transformation. To elaborate, Atlas is an archetype who is adept at convening a gathering or bringing together the collection of people required for the transformation in an organization.

Equally significant is Atlas’ grasp on the storytelling perspective. The common thread that binds together the gathering is the narrative of transformation that the group shares amongst themselves. Atlas has the ability to guide the gathering from the point of view of this shared story.

A parallel for the archetype could be drawn with Atlas from the Greek legends.

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The circle- the container of transformation

According to mythology, Atlas was a Titan god whose task was to hold the sky on his shoulders. During the war of the Titans against Zeus, Atlas sided with the Titans. In fact, he was a leader in that galactic war. Unfortunately for him, his army was defeated in the war. It was after his defeat that he was punished with the task of holding the sky up.

Another version of the tale says that Atlas was given the guardianship over the pillars that hold in place both the sky and earth in the firmament of space. Atlas is also considered to be the god who taught humans the science of astronomy- one which was first used by sailors and which continues to fuel our dreams of interstellar dominance to this day.

He is also said to be the god responsible for turning the heaven on its axis, making the stars revolve.

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The sky with the sun and the earth with its land and the ocean- all held aloft by the mighty Atlas

Notwithstanding the variations in the legends, the characteristics of Atlas remain the same- someone who holds up the container, or the Temenos: the sky under which the earth resides, and the earth in which we live. He is also astute, with formidable powers of the intellect- his link with astronomy shows as much.

A sharp intellect and the ability to hold up, or convene a container of transformation is something that the archetype of Atlas too possesses.

It should also be mentioned that this archetype, at times could rebel against the organization’s leader(s), fighting them with his or her own ideas to no one’s benefit. Just as the sky is dark in the night and bright in the day, Atlas too has bright and dark sides to him.

Incidentally, the mythical Atlas is the brother of Prometheus who is also a key archetype in the Temenos world. You could read about Prometheus in this blog.  

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