What are the Attributes of a Cross-functional individual?

Editor’s note: Original blog was published on: Aug 19, 2016

Do you play video games? Especially the role-playing games. I have not performed many, but the thing I understood is to win you require supreme help. For instance, if a hero is going to fight monsters, he needs many assistants. When the level goes up, you need more helping hands. You need soldiers, knights, magicians, Paladins, clerics. They all have specific roles that give them class with powers and abilities. If a cleric can heal you, then your knight can battle.


But in a critical circumstance, when a specific character is not accessible and remaining don't have the required capacity, what will you do? You will fight back with whatever you have. But won't it be brilliant if one of your confidants to have multi-classing? For example, imagine a scenario in which the magician has healing abilities or the knight can fight like a Paladin.

Let's slide this subject and come to the main point. We all talk about cross-functional teams. Mainly, in Agile projects, a team consists of individuals like developers, quality analysts, scrum master, product owner, client managers, database engineers, etc. Each of them utilizes their aptitude to draw out the outcomes.

Then what is a Cross-functional individual?

There is disarray between these two cross-functional words. Though cross-functionality in a team can undoubtedly trigger cross-functional behavior in individuals, you can't say that each person tends towards this approach.

As far as I can tell, I have seen a couple of people who really can take more than one task proficiently. As a developer (does all the coding) can be a tester, and it's not surprising for him to have other skills too. A development lead can fill the role of a scrum master. A product developer as the content writer, having the ability to explain the product more efficiently, a sales manager as a social media marketer or SEO being a web developer.


How does an Individual start to build skills in other competencies?? Let's discuss some of the critical attributes to awaken yourself as a cross-functional individual.

The Curiosity inside you

There's no skill a person can't learn instinctively. The potential outcomes rely on the enthusiasm of that very individual.

But the issue is, this internet-oriented world has made people reluctant to utilize their heads to discover something instead of googling. I am not saying it's terrible. Having the fortune of information which can be shareable by a vast crowd is undoubtedly a miracle. But trapping your mind by depending on an instant answering tool is not something worth recommending.

Remember, the Human mind knows no limits. It always has space for something new. It gets kindled by the fire of knowledge, leads us to an original path and opening new entryways. Perhaps it's a fantasy of mine, and I do not believe there's any height that humans can't reach. The crucial thing is to keep asking, keep watching, and keep inquiring.

Flowing with the Wind rather Chasing

If you aspire to be someone who continually seeks knowledge, then you must know how to Surrender yourself. Everything around us has a specific flow, or you can say pattern. And we can't achieve mastery until we experience that flow.


I will give you a straightforward illustration, stand under a tree in a breezy climate, you will find fallen leaves swinging in the Wind. Take a stab at getting one of those, you will see, "The more you chase, the more it takes off from you." Then stand in the opposite direction, towards which the Wind is streaming to, the leaf will fall right into your hands.

Change is always turbulent, and it's not about chasing after the solution desperately. Once in a while, you got to surrender, watch and after that, make a stride.

The Force of Appreciation 

Here I want to state two Scenarios:

Many times we get influence when we see a person accomplishing something awe-inspiring. That few moments of profound respect transforms into a feeling that stirs our heart. We think we discovered our calling. You will find a ton of people out there, who will tell, that they began learning something because someone inspired them to do so.

The second is the power of Humility - Being humble towards everything and everyone. You may not know, in every second of your life, you are encountering something new from others. A wise person knows how to treasure that knowledge and welcome those meetings.

Boundless Imaginations

Imagination is like a power booster for many. Scientists like Einstein; Patriots like Nelson Mandela; or entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg can achieve success and set apart as remarkable leaders because they envisioned how the future would look like with their commitments.

A great leader must have the ability to replay the right future of the organization in his mind over and over. These boundless creative energies inspire them to be a knowledge seeker and pursuit the chances to sharpen their aptitudes.

We will discuss more in my upcoming Blogs!!

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