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Your Heroic tales of Passion

Let me introduce you to the great Force of Passion. Just kidding! You already know. ...


You really think that!! Then why so many people say “I would do much better, if I find out the things I really really want do.” Even I used to spout this not so long back. Now that I think of, that was a way to express my inner emptiness. But I hardly think that was anything like search of passion.

One thing I am certain about, Passion comes from euphoric and tinkering moments. It’s a strong emotion sleeping inside you - unwelcomed, unintentional, waiting for the man’s shuddering roar to become animated. Even though we find passion from love but passion rules us. It gives us the finest moments of joy, innervation of grief. It shows all - all that we need to learn from.

Isn’t easy to give up. Why compel yourself to chose a thorny road (Says, the smartest of all the smarties AKA my human mind). Life can be so much easy without the feelings of wanting something strongly. But I am afraid, no, we all are afraid to become hollow dolls (Answers, my common human soul).

Along with my words, I would like to quote Venetian nomad and writer, Giacomo Casanova’s wisdom
   “Be the flame, not the moth.

Where can I find my Passion?

Good question! Now I don’t know how to explain and where to start. Let’s take a survey. I will ask some of my friends “For you, What is the definition of passion?”

….. A few minutes Later ……..

Mrs. P: Hmm! implementing Dream

Miss. R & Mr. J: Things I love to do

Mrs. C: Can’t tell. Maybe Hard work

Mr. S: Pass! (LOL)

Mr. L & Mr. M: Don’t know

Mr. N: Creativity

Mr. G: Passion is about being passionate

(Ah! No idea what he is saying)

Miss. M: Love

Mrs. A: The thing that shows what you are.

Mr. V: Will mail you later (laughs)

After doing all that running - I found, many have a clear idea about their sense of passion. Some were still confused. There’s one lady who said “Everyone has passion. I had so many things I wanted to do for a long time. But I don’t know if I can call that passion. I don’t know.” This is it. Do you really have the clear picture of passion? How will you distinguish passion from other feelings?

Ask your Tiny-winey Heart

As I said passion comes from love, it lives in your heart and soul. So, it is a direct approach to ask yourself rather than beating around the bush. People have many hobbies and activities, they repeatedly do those things out of satisfaction. But not all of them can be passion.


You do it for years and for reasons. One of the main reasons would the way it makes you feel. You are happy. And it goes past the point of only obsession or devotion. So, ask yourself again and again to get the awareness.

I have seen for many of us, passion triggers the Vision and goals. We are passionate, that’s why we pursue it - that’s why we dream to see our future engraved with it.

By default, it’s There

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about the absolute presence of things in human lives. Passion can be one of those. As you know, our social boundaries have divided us into 2 categories: Makes sense and Nonsense. In a billion population, there are many restrictions we put on ourselves. The early 80’s India, If a girl’s passion was cooking, it makes sense. If it’s acting, that is nonsense. Though time has changed, we still have many chains that bind us. Passion is different from person to person. We can’t see it but it’s there. Even if others don’t understand, we feel it. There is a certain famous poet said: “Feel the universe within you.”

In simple words, there’s  no need to do a world tour just because you want to feel the presence of universe. Likewise, there’s no need to search the light of passion all around, maybe the sun is hiding underneath your skin. It’s just that you don’t know.

Something you do out of need or out of love

Life has to be self-realized. How your present self is managing the emotions? To get the hints of passion, do a self-evaluation regularly. Like whatever I am doing is because I abide to do or I want to do. Passion doesn’t have to always give positive results. Sometimes it causes long grief, yearning, sadness. But we still continue because of love.

Be the Protagonist of your Story (Passion, Effort, Success)

I have heard people saying, something that feels you with frustration is not worthy to be called passion. Though I would agree with keeping the mental peace by avoiding catastrophes as much as possible. Because that may cause disarray in your feelings towards passion. But isn’t it obvious to get irritated when you don’t get to do what you want to do? In my views, Passion is similar to freedom - the first crush that makes your heart fly. So, we shouldn’t let go of it easily. At least to not have regrets later.

Going Back and forth, Pull your Cat out of the Bag

In many, passion dies with passing time. As a child, there were tons of things we wanted to do. But after growing up, we ask ourselves - is there anything particularly I want to do. I don’t understand the purpose of my life.

In this case, Introspection plays a vital role. Try examining the past, revive the memories. You can do it by seeing old photos, drawings or reading an old diary or anything that makes you remind of your old self. In those memories, you will obviously find the thing, you have always liked. Then analyze your present self. Why you are not continuing with that, which once you marked as your passion. The exercise gives a clarity over life. What, when, why - These three answers can unlock your doors for passion.

After embracing passion

Finally, the conclusion of this story! After Pinpointing passion, what’s next?? Keep it simple.

Don’t let it fade. Keep burning that flame of
Energy+Dream+Motivation+Loyalty+Enthusiasm = Passion,
And be a Leader who leads this trend.

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