The virtues of Organization redesign to beat disruption

A chief executive study conducted by PwC records the lion share of respondents mentioning rise in competition, shift in consumption pattern and changing distribution ecosystem as causes of significant changes across industries.

This idea of business landscape in constant flux also makes businesses vulnerable to disruption from competitors. And though the study in question was conducted in 2014, it is still very much relevant today- if not even more so.

This brings us to an important question: How do you stay ahead of the disruption curve in your business?

The answer is a meaningful redesign of the organization.

According to Mark LaScola- the Founder and Managing Principal of ON THE MARK, a global leader in organization design consulting,, designing the organization constitutes aligning every part of your business so it is in a position to win in the market. To realize this, you should deliberately align every element- formal and informal- in the business with the end goal you aim to achieve.

As with many good ideas, it sounds deceptively simple. However, it is not all that easy to achieve.

So, how do you go about redesigning your organization so you could stay ahead of the competition? Here are ways to do that.

Organization redesign implies sailing in a new direction

Following a vision

The redesign process involves to a good extent aligning processes and systems towards a single objective. This objective should be a unique vision and not ephemeral.

For instance, for an automobile manufacturer, “Being a leader in the electric car segment” could be your temporary objective. But that couldn’t constitute a vision. A vision would be more enduring- like “Creating the most ecologically sustainable vehicle with the current technology.” Under the umbrella of this vision, electric car becomes just one trend you see the organization through.

Having a strong vision in place helps you align the business components to it. For instance, if the vision is to create energy efficient machines, you can devote the R&D experiments to this end, instead of getting distracted by pursuing multiple experiments for various objectives.

For the vision to benefit the organization, it must resonate with you on a deeply personal level. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to sustain interest in it for long. The Temenos Vision Lab(TVL) is a unique session developed by Temenos + Agility which helps change agents realize their True Personal Vision. Incorporating psychological insights and 25 years of business consultancy experience, TVL has benefited change agents across the world.

Starting anew with a clean slate

A major problem change agents face with organization redesign is the inability to see things anew. Misapprehensions and opinions formed from previous experiences may be inhibiting you from thinking in a fresh manner that supports the re-invention of the organization.

The Clean Slate is one of the important sessions included in the Temenos Vision Lab. It is designed to help you lose your unwanted baggage- ill conceived notions etc.- and move ahead with only those mental assets which helped you in the past.

This is also closely related to the idea of Uniqueness- the ability of a change agent to see things from a different perspective. That phenomenon is explored in more detail here.

Clean slate helps suspending judgement based on wrong assumptions

Changing unhelpful organization behaviors

Different types of behaviors are to be found in an organization. To begin with, there is the managerial control. This simply means the management style- be it autocratic or participative. Then, there is the aspect of interpersonal conflicts. If these are high in number, it could not be a good sign.

Such conflicts and poor managerial style often have a lack of understanding among the team(and also its leader) for its cause. Unless these issues are sorted out, unless the team agrees to pursue a single goal, you wouldn’t be able to align the processes and systems to a vision.

TVL could help in this regard since one of its key objectives is to help a team realize their Compelling Shared Vision.

Capitalizing on your areas of influence

External factors like regulations may not be under your control. Instead of getting frustrated over such things, the leader could focus on elements upon which you could exert your influence.

One major arena you have command over is helping your team members and yourself develop new skill sets and mental approaches. The Influence Maps- a proprietary tool used in TVL- is hugely helpful in this regard.

The Influence Maps in TVL

Using the tool, the team members share their aspirations and value systems with each other. By helping the team nurture their value systems and by connecting their personal aspirations with the vision you realized for the organization, you could enable a transformation in work culture. This would, in turn, result in a more productive and efficient workforce.

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