Phantom of the Psyche & Power of Introspection Part 2

The very reason why psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung derived many theories from mythical stories, because they understood Mythology is the language to represent Human Psyche.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experience” says French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Every human demeanor is unique. It’s a transformation of human consciousness, each transformation has a story that is connected to the deeper part of our mind. The aim of  Introspection is to recognize and analyze that story to have a better understanding of your human - self.

What do the relics of time say?

The idea of “Introspection” dates back to the ancient Greek. Philosopher Socrates spent his whole life by researching introspection theory. Not only the Greeks, some ancient Eastern lands developed the practice. When Authors and poets like Homer, Hesiod were writing legendary tragedies, poems, plays; Buddha in India enlightened the path of humanity through Self - reflection and Introspection.

In most of the world, the idea of introspection developed from the wish of salvation. The ancient Eastern culture followed “Conquering the mind and subdue your own vessel from destructive activities through self-observation, self-examination, self-realization or self-reflection.”

There was a time when introspection was the foremost topic among the Western researchers, but after certain displeasing criticism, the theory lost its value from the studies of psychology and philosophy. The theory was thrashed because of  being so unscientific and irrationally involved with strange illusions. Some even commented the theory is practically impossible to apply in day-to-day lives. Even with all controversies “Introspection” wasn’t completely abandoned.

Now again, it has gained popularity among the modern observers, healers, coaches, leaders and obviously psychologists. They understand this self - evaluating exercise can help a person in personally and professionally. The Temenos model is also one of the theories that have its base built on this ideology.

A clear explanation of “Why do we need the Power of Introspection”?

This is something that most of us have little understandings on. The focus is the understanding of our everyday choices -- the unconscious, troubling, hidden desires, regrets that are influencing us. Each moment of our life is a battle between these destructive thoughts and our strong soul, that is in an obstinacy of protecting our innocent mind. It happens with everyone. We all live in Chaos and can be eaten anytime by our own hunger.

John Maxwell once stated, “ You can’t control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside.” In my previous blog, I discussed the idea of Phantom. Phantom represents the chaotic relation between your uncontrolled mind and your wish to control your life. The Practice of Introspection allows you to analyze the past events, correcting the mistakes in present and taking precautions for future. It enhances the level intuition, inner freedom, confidence and reduces the roots of fear.

Practice of Introspection in Temenos Vision Labs


In Temenos Vision labs, Introspection is highly valued and an important subject of discussion. People participate in these labs to tell their stories. Through Introspection exercise, we make them answer “How do they see their lives?” The answer gives both our participant and the facilitators a better clarity on the subconscious of the person. This is where our self - transformation process starts, where we seek the permission of the person “How can we help in understanding the Vision of her life and living it fully?”

Humans do terrible things. Why do they chase after things that only bring them pain? Perhaps they do not know that they are suffering…And this practice can create a positive force that would be able to heighten their self - awareness.

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