Dualism of An Introspective Mind

img1Image courtesy Dorina Costras

Introspection is the awareness of the past events, where the person is well versed with the conditions and outcomes. Awareness of past actions includes imagining, remembering, judging and feeling. Each of them is responsible to make the reality of introspection fruitful.

As you know every reality has two sides, a dark and a bright. They are the twin forces that are dwelling in this whole universe and every cosmos abides by that natural balance.

Light is an angelic emblem, darkness is unholy. Every divine entity is the attributes of light, it is boundless and everlasting. In comparison to that, darkness is temporal, shadowed and non-characterizable—-This is what people have been thinking from old ages until now. Our minds have been imprisoned between these two arguments.

There is a saying “Light can’t exist without a shadow and the shadow is there because of light”. The two elements come from one wholeness; two halves of one big unknown container, their existence depends on their mutual habitation.

Well, we all know that how the shadow is dependent to light because it is formless without light. Light is the only element that reflects the true nature of the shadow. Then how does the light depend on a shadow? I know this vice-versa theory actually doesn’t make sense, in a scientific way.

If we go deeper into the applied philosophy, we can find the right answer. We are aware of light because darkness is right there next to it; like we are aware of the night because the shining day comes after the long twilight.

Each and everything in this natural world works on this magical phenomena; every existence has its own counterpart. For example, we think a person is beautiful because we know what is ugliness; we think Eiffel tower is so high because we know the definition of short; we say water is liquid because we have seen the solid earth.

We humans are the descendants of both light & dark. We have been nurtured by both the elements; our human container possesses both of the elements inside us. Even if we do not realize they do put impact on our judgment in everything we do. No one has the authority to differentiate your actions between evil and good; there are some things that you see as good, but it may be stinking for others. Every individual belongs to a different container, according their environments their thinking differs from one another– It is all work of mind… The string-puller behind everything, so it is always you who set the boundary between your yin and yang.

Philip Zabriskie said, “Every myth has a creative side and a dark side.”

The devil never sits on your shoulder and says to do the wrong thing or think the wrong thing; it’s you who always choose, and I love the both sides of my mind–I love the evil me and the bright me–wherever I stand right now is because of them. The way they helped me was different, but I won’t deny that their very existence was the greatest help for me to achieve my destiny.

Temenos theory says “Always learn to accept yourself–your past, then only you can move forward.”– introspection without accepting your action would be considered as egoism.

Let’s discuss how can we bring this awareness in our prospects?
Obviously the answer is introspection–remembering, analyzing, judging, reflecting and accepting—all of these dynamics can give you the answer in the present or future from the actions of your past. But sometimes I have seen people who do unusual things after reviewing their past–like breaking apart with grief or repeating the regrettable mistakes again because of their frail mind and heart. So, for that purpose you need a guide or coach who can help you to move forward. This why Temenos is there for! Our container helps people to find the right course of life.

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