Long term resilience- why it’s crucial for business and how to cultivate it

Resilience is a virtue. This is particularly true in the case of leaders in business organizations for a few reasons.

Weathering the changing business landscape

It’s no secret that changes happen at an unprecedented rate in the contemporary times. This is true in the case of every aspect of life- personal and professional. However, there’s a fair chance that these changes are experienced the most in the business landscape.


Long term resilience demands True Personal Vision

There are a few reasons for this. For one thing, by necessity businesses may need to be technologically more adoptive than other institutions like the family. Newer technologies often demand changes in the way people interact with each other and also undermines older ways of doing business which reflects in corresponding adjustment in your mental attitudes. In other words, the internal changes in humans with relation to adopting external technologies could be profound.

Unless you are resilient, these internal changes could feel like chaos- swirls of black clouds obscuring the shining bright sky of your mind. The result of this chaos in turn could be lack of clarity regarding how to conduct business- for instance, if a new piece of technology brings down a team member’s work load, you need to be promptly aware of the matter, and relegate new tasks to him or her.  

Capitalizing on aspects your competitors may not be focused on

The modern times are perhaps shaped by businesses more than any other social structures. This is possible partly due to the large number of business establishments in existence. That’s another way of saying that regardless of the business you are in, you are bound to face tough competition.

Long term success in business then demands two things: consistent focus in business and capitalizing on ideas that would help you leave your competition far behind. It’s in the latter that resilience is of critical importance.

It’s a rare instance when a business leader sees an opportunity which his competition may not be aware of or may not be able to pursue for one reason or another. Rarer still is for this opportunity to be a viable course for your business to pursue. But when these two rarities coincide, you would do well to take it by the horns without losing time.

However, there’s a catch.

By definition, such a scenario is unconventional. After all, since no competitors are doing something, you are the only one- or one of the very few- to be doing it. By convention, such a scenario gets defined as risk. There may be advisers or accomplices who may then try to detract you from the path citing perceived risks as a reason. Well meaning though they may be, the fact remains that they are unable to see the opportunity for what it is.

The onus is then on the leader to stay resilient, and make others see the virtue in pursuing this particular path- a decision that could help take the business way ahead of the competition.

How resilience is dependent on vision

There’s no doubt that reliance is a worthy characteristic for a business leader. However, that quality in turn is dependent on another aspect. If resilience is a house, the foundation is another.

And that foundation is vision. In the case of business leaders, True Personal Vision, to be precise.


What is True Personal Vision?

The phrase is made of three equally significant words. Inspecting each word closely would help unlock the complete meaning of the phrase.

True-This word here is meant to signify that you should be true to yourself. The vision in question should be born from a your true self.

Personal- Every person is unique, with a unique decision making style and patterns of thinking which are in turn shaped by a distinct set of influences. All these personal aspects need to be explored in the discovery of the vision.

Vision- A destination or a goal, or a set of ideas the manifestation of which would make a change agent or an organization more profitable and more meaningful.

Combining the three words, we could say that ‘True Personal Vision’ is a vision unique to the business leader under the umbrella of which he or she could lead the organization to greater heights. It’s the light tower that helps the ship move towards the right shore and not get stranded in some random island. It’s the single note that ties together an entire song. More than anything, it’s the basis of positive resilience.

How to discover your True Personal Vision

Temenos Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos + Agility which helps you discover your True Personal Vision. Based on 25 years of business consultancy experience and incorporating psychological insights, TVL enlists some of the best transformation coaches to guide you to your vision.

The results of the lab include the clarity for an actionable business plan, better understanding of your own leadership qualities, better confidence in your leadership abilities, an attitude for positive resilience and more.

Your true vision awaits.

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