Reassigning roles in the wake of digital automation with vision

While procuring major products and services form a meaningful- and sometimes essential- activity for organizations, one of the least talked about aspects of procurement is the challenges related to shifting nature of roles that procurements may bring. If not handled correctly, this could lead to what we would like to call the ‘procurement blues.’

So, how could you keep the procurement blues at bay?

Here, we find answers.


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Getting procurement right bolsters the container that is the organization

How procurement effects role changes

Every procurement- whether digital or analog- would have correlating roles within the organization. These could belong to two categories:

1)Roles the nature of which would change significantly due to the procurement.

2)New roles that would be defined or created due to the procurement.

An example of the first type is the inclusion of a new task into a particular role in place of another. This is especially common in the case of digital procurements. A change agent who may have been performing a task may find that the newly procured digital tool could take care of the task without his or her intervention. Assuming that the task in question take up significant man hours, this means that the change agent in question now has plenty of hours freed up.

So, the Manager may see it necessary to redefine the change agent’s role in such a way that some other task essential to the running of the organization be included in place of the task overtaken by the procured product.

As for the second category, it’s usually a role that becomes necessary in the wake of the procurement. The procurement itself would have been made with an overall objective- like expanding of business domains in view. To facilitate this, a new role may need be defined.

Skill-acquirement and clarity of vision

An alteration of role would obviously involve teaching the change agent to adapt to the new role. The success of such an endeavor depends on two things: the flexibility of the change agent in acquiring new skills and the clarity the Manager or leader has regarding the requirements of the role in its new avatar. 

Let’s focus on the first of these aspects to begin with- the change agent’s flexibility to acquire new skills.

The flexibility we are talking about here is a mental quality which is in turn dependant on multiple factors. These include the change agent’s present level of skills and also his or her aspirations. Assessing such things are not easy to say the least.

Temenos Vision Lab or TVL offers the perfect opportunity to do that. To know how, we should first discuss Compelling Shared Vision.

As the name suggest, it’s a shared vision which becomes the common goal for all the members in a team. Unlike a target they have to meet, the Compelling Shared Vision is not imposed from the outside but is realized from among the team members. This makes them even more committed to pursuing it.

In the course of its discovery, the team members are encouraged to share with the others their greatest aspiration, the challenges they had overcome and the way they did so. This gives you a clear picture about how suitable each individual is to a role change, depending on their personas.



The second aspect needed to equip a change agent with necessary skills for a role change is the clarity that the leader has regarding the role. This clarity is in turn dependant on how clear the leader is about the organization’s future trajectory. For unless he or she is clear on that front, they wouldn’t be able to define a role perfectly to make meaningful contributions to the organizations.

The leader should realize his or her True Personal Vision to bring this about. It’s the innate vision that could be discovered in your own self and nowhere else. TVL helps you realize this vision that remains obscured from your view due to the myriad distractions of everyday living.

Developed based on 25 years of business consultancy experience, TVL incorporates proprietary tools that help unlock the vision that lies buried in your mind. Some of the best leadership coaches in business guide you to your True Personal Vision.

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