The rhythm that Vision lends to life- Part 3

The idea of associating rhythm with the transcendental is not necessarily new. After all, tales of musicians seeking the diving through the rhythm and meter of their songs is not unheard of.

Also, it’s easy to envision rhythm as synonymous to will- the cosmic or godly will to be precise. Living in accordance to this will is considered to be the best way to live by many. And if you strike that particular chord, so to speak, you are living a rhythmic life, of performing actions in turn to a divine song, which simply couldn’t be beaten by any other kind of rhythm.


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A sense of rhythm- or its lack- would permeate the whole organization

Much as this transcendental rhythm is wished and, and comfortable though the flow of life is in such a rhythm, it’s not an easy rhythm to find. In fact, one might say it’s the hardest thing to do in life.

So, is there a way to embody this most elusive rhythm of life? And is there a way to translate the beauty and benefits of such a rhythm to the way how work proceeds in the organization?

These are questions that this post seeks to answer.

The transcendental logic of the self

An eternal concept related to the transcendental is the ‘life force’ that resides in every living thing. In fact, certain cultures- like in ancient India considered that the animating spirit that sustains the universe is to be found in everything- including inanimate objects like rocks.

The concept of ‘ka’- which is the life force in you- could be found in Egyptian mythology as well.

Intrinsically linked to this idea of the individual life force is destiny, which or a preordained achievement that’s lying in wait for the person. All he or she has to do is wake up to the reality of this destiny and chase it down knowing that it’s both your duty and right to do so,.

This idea is very much relevant to what we’ve been discussing before- about attaining the transcendental rhythm. For once you are chasing down the destiny in question, you are entering the domain of that rhythm, provided the destiny you are after is your own and not a destination that’s determined for you by someone else.

True Personal Vision in each person

Synonymous to the concept of a grand individual destiny is that of True Personal Vision.

True Personal Vision is the vision that can be found within your own self and nowhere else in the universe. An assertion of your individuality, True Personal Vision is a vision for the future- of a destination towards which you could take the organization. A synthesis of your passions, knowledge, drive and more, it’s one thing the discovery of which would bring the sense of direction and rhythm that lacks in many an organization.

The problem though is that this uniquely meaningful, and life-changing vision lies buried in your mind. The myriad distractions of daily life means that the vision- which should be obvious if we are but living in a world conducive to self-reflection- becomes obscured to our own self.




It then becomes imperative that the dust that smears the mirror of the soul be cleared. So that you could behold the radiant vision in all its glory. This demands a few things. First, a space that is warm and comfortable, a friendly environment far from the madding crowd and among like-minded people. Seekers, so to speak. Then, there should also be help at hand, of experts who could guide you to your vision.

Temenos Vision Lab or TVL offers just one such avenue. A unique session developed by Temenos+Agility, TVL incorporates proprietary tools and is conducted by some of the best transformation coaches in business. Developed based on 25 years of business consultancy experience, TVL offers a wonderful opportunity to unlock your True Personal Vision and thereby fall into the natural rhythm which benefits not just you as a professional but your organization as a whole.

Indeed, it’s not an exaggeration to say that a leader who hasn’t realized his or her vision is poised to lead his team or organization along an erratic dance to to a tuneless song, a spectacle that’s not going to please anyone. But with TVL, you lead better.

This is the last in a three-part series of posts that investigates the significance of striking a rhythm in life- be it professional or personal, and how to do that.

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