How to co-create a great performing culture in your organisation?

When it comes to high performing organizations, the single-most important factor which differentiates them from their lesser-performing peers is culture. For instance, both a Deloitte study and McKinsey & Company research reveal this fact. In fact, the latter mentions companies with better culture generates three times the return to shareholders than other firms.

But for such a culture to manifest, one needs to intentionally make the relevant changes within the organization, largely in the mindset front. Here are ways to approach it.

For organizations with strong culture, high performance trails a natural path of growth

The leader as a motivational role model

It would be reductive to say employees mimic their leader’s work culture. However, if a leader’s modus operandi is found to be successful, his or her approach to work would get emulated by the employees. If nothing else, seeing positive results coming from the leader's work would inspire them.

In other words, the more motivated and focused the leader is, the better s/he would perform. And the better the leader’s performance, the higher the chance of their team members emulating the characteristics which made the leader successful.

But how can the leader stay motivated throughout a process of transformation? The answer to this is simple: if the transformation you are pursuing is intrinsically linked to your personal vision, you are a naturally motivated leader. The Temenos Vision Lab (TVL) offers an avenue for leaders to discover their True Personal Vision. Combining 25 years of business consultancy experience with psychological science, TVL boasts some of the best transformation coaches to help guide you to your vision.

A leader with vision has the advantage of choosing businesses and transformations to helm which align with his or her vision. This makes them better suited to lead such projects than someone for whom it would be just another job to perform. Also, self-motivation being a key aspect of leading with vision, the leader could better inspire their team members as well.

Instill the right behavior changes in employees

The reason why cultural shift remains one of the hardest things to bring about in an organization is that it needs individuals to change their behavior- which is among the hardest things to accomplish in the world.

It’s not that people are super-resilient to change. At least, not all of them are. The problem has two components:

1)When you are changing your behavior, you are leaving a comfort zone. So, when you do that, you need to be sure that the behavioral change is for a compelling cause.

2)Often times, the objective which the leaders show the team members are a distant carrot stick which is hardly compelling for the team members. So, they are reluctant to change their behaviors. As far as they are concerned it’s like asking someone to steer in a different direction in the promise of a better shore when they are surrounded by fog.

The gist of the story is that people would be more prone to a behavior change if a compelling goal is provided. TVL helps team members realize a compelling shared vision which forms a firm objective for the team to move towards. The proprietary tool called Influence Maps is used to help the team achieve this.

Help individuals overcome their personal inhibitions to change

It’s said that the mind is like a sieve which collects all the negative learnings and let slide the positivities.

Now, that may be a harsh observation- one which isn’t applicable to everyone. At least, one should hope so. However, what’s undisputed is that over the course of your professional life, you may have accumulated worries and misapprehensions about processes or changes which could prevent you from evolving.  Also, in some cases, what prevents a change agent’s professional evolution could be a negative mental attribute which s/he has carried over from a time even before they entered the profession. These are as much true for the leader as the team members.

To identify and eliminate such negative aspects which pull you back, TVL incorporates the Clean Slate session. Encouraging self-assessment in a secure and friendly environment, Clean Slate helps you move on with only those mental assets that would help you in your entrepreneurial journey, while losing all the extra mental baggage.

Facilitate a more cohesive workforce

It’s hardly a secret that the more cohesive the workforce is, the better the quality of work they generate. While the diverse management methods to promote better team work- like company sponsored team outing and other group interactions are meaningful, the fundamental factor which nurtures a strong team is a good understanding the team members have of themselves.

By virtue of the Influence Maps which was mentioned before, the team members are encouraged to explore their own values and personal aspirations that they could then share with the others in the team.

As a result of this process, the team members gain a better understanding of themselves and each other, and the team becomes an even stronger unit for this.

A pictorial representation of a team member’s outlook on life

Images that depict the Temenos approach to culture co-creation

Temenos+ Agility CEO Susan Gibson  encouraging participants to form a shared culture

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

Untitled-1 (15)

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