Changing organization culture through cadence & synchronisation

One of the best ways to change your organization structure and culture is through cadence and synchronization approach and a virtual organization structure. The virtual organization structure focuses on goals (rather than hierarchies) and effective communication & collaboration through cadence & synchronization. Utilising a common planning where we know the goals of the entire organization, schedule to integrate and demo, deploy, review & retrospective at an organization scale is critical for bringing everyone with a shared understanding of what organization is trying to achieve in the short-term and long-term through propagation of vision and business value upfront during the planning. Such an organization construct can help an organization to change its culture gradually.


Change Organization culture through cadence & synchronization


SAFe® promotes such an organization construct called an Agile Release Train (a Virtual organization usually comprises of the full value stream - i.e., all members from business, product, management, leadership, value creation members, QA, and acceptance) to enable a cadence & synchronised approach via Program Increment (PI) based exploring, planning, execution & releasing of value.

Organizations that are trying to avoid failures in value-delivery might consider cadence & synchronization as their first organization construct or step as an improvement. Because, everyone in the value-stream (an end-to-end flow based production model), starts collaborating in the first place as a virtual organization (ART), and the PI (Program Increment) provides as a wrapper for the shorter iterations at an organization scale (a larger P-D-C-A Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle).

Program Increment (PI) is the heart of the SAFe® Implementation, and also PI is an evolving process where the team-of-agile teams understand the importance of SAFe® principles than their practices and work as a lean-agile virtual organization. Many organizations have recognized the benefit of the Integrated learning cycles that the PDCA cycle provides at Iteration levels and at the integration points where the organization can learn how the solution and the program are iterating. The PI also provides the organization, the velocity of the entire organization (full value stream) in achieving its goals and even a strong predictability measure for helping the teams to close their loop with the Business stakeholders (called as Business Owners in SAFe®).

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