Bringing forward Digital Transformation and Leadership

The “Third Industrial Revolution” brought the sublime Digital era to us. The transformation jolted the whole world into accepting the neoteric science of Digitalism.

As the time passed, everything converted from analog, mechanical, and electronic to digital technology AND our society has become more and more tender towards technology. We changed our thinking; We changed our tools; we even changed the way of working. I think, this is the right time to think about having a new leadership approach that would qualified to reign this revolutionary time.

What is Digital Leadership?

Let’s roll back to our school days -- You must have met one or two teachers, whom you still feel grateful for helping to build the base of your life. Their supreme dedication and passion helped to mould you into a better person, which is truly admirable. I think this is the closest example to define a true digital leadership.

Digital leaders are the new generation successors with the passion for shaping others around them by bringing new skills and practices in the group. It’s about continuous inventing things that are simple, easy and soothing to build an organization -- it can be frameworks, models, skills, or new sets of software tools. It can be anything that will help others to face any kind of change adversity.

Digital Leaders take on or develop leadership roles which provide advice and guidance as to the effectiveness of the technology. They make sure the followers have the skills to work effectively so that there will be a high probability in the emergence of future leaders between the followers.

Temenos - A Bridge for Successful Digital Leadership


We believe “Adaptation digitalism is not just about following but also being digital.” Here digital means the set of skills that we will provide you to guide you in the journey of  Leadership.

Our Digital Leaders Believe in Connection

The ability to be connected is something that tells why we are here (In this Container)? Have you ever been in a situation where your boss tells the thirty-five things you really do awesome and one thing you really don’t have the opportunity of growth. And after that, all you can think of is the part where you don’t have the opportunity of growth. Isn't it funny?

Dr. Brene Brown mentions that usually people follow this pattern. When you ask them about love, they tell about heartbreaks; when you ask them about belonging, they tell you about their most excruciating experiences of being excluded; and When you ask them about connection, they tell the stories about disconnection. Brene said this happens  because of shame --- fear of disconnection (The feeling of I am not good enough for this).

As a leader, if you want to have connections, you have to really synch with others. You must have a sense of worthiness -- it is about having a strong sense of love & belonging. Believe you are worthy of responsibilities, and that courage will make you connect with others.

Our Digital Leaders Believe in Group Effort

As a change agent, you need to know that you can’t work alone. You need to find out the special crowd of people who can be influential in certain territories. Such as, someone who is a skilled technologist; someone who is skilled in client handling; someone who knows people and culture etc. You have to work with these people to support others and the organization.

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Our Digital Leaders show Vulnerability NOT weakness

I know exactly what you are thinking after reading the world called “Vulnerability”. And I have a clear picture why many people show loathness towards the idea of “Showing Vulnerability”. But please let me put my theories on this, which can help you both professionally and personally.

As I said, a leader’s vulnerabilities are NOT always his weakness. Famous philanthropist Oprah Winfrey says, “Vulnerability is being willing to express the truth, no matter what. The truth of who you are, the essence of your core feelings in any given moment. It’s being able to open up your soul, and let it flow so that other people can see their soul in yours.”

As a leader, you need to understand your true motivations and intentions for a courageous life, that can be a great example for others. Such as why do you want to help the organization? Are you open to the feedbacks from others? How do you handle negative intention of others? How much do you trust your people? If you do, why do you trust them?

Answers of these questions can help you to bring people together and make things fall into right place.

Our Digital Leaders Believe in Communication

I am a lover of languages. I think language is a great art in itself. I believe true digital leadership comes from the possibilities of communication. I love when people talk with each other to solve something or to overcome a change -- it’s kind of shows unity and alignment in their perceptions.

Communication provides the space to be together and share each other’s worlds. Just sending an email or having a meeting and after that leaving people to their own is NOT something you as a leader should do. I have seen this lack of Communication happening countless times around me. I just don’t understand, when you are in the verge of a doing something or transforming something, how can you ignore a conversation with your subordinates. This is absolutely a wrong attitude!

If you are managing a group of people, you need to be with them, You need to see what’s going on. You need to have your regular presence in their world. For that, you need to talk with them to know what’s actually happening inside.

Our Digital Leaders Empower others

To put influence on people, you must first inquire what are the things they are interested about. Like what do they expect from the organization? How do they see the current state of the organization? Are they happy with their career graph? Are they aligned with the organization’s Vision?

Before anything, a leader needs to understand a person’s personal goal and an organization’s goal are different things. You find your Personal vision in your life journey and yearn to fulfill it. But organizational vision is different. When you belong to an organization, the shared vision of that container becomes a part of your responsibility. Which you need to fulfill with much supplication and passion.

A true digital leader knows how he is going to guide both the personal vision of his people with the shared vision of the group. He creates the safe environment where other employees are safe to experiment with their ideas, and can learn from their experiments. There are things in business that you can’t teach but you can always show them with your actions & decisions as a leader.

Our Digital Leaders Believe in Influence NOT Control

Influence something that can be used in both positive and negative way depending on people. For example Hitler was a great influencer, many people followed him, but the result was war and mass destruction. Mother Teresa was an influencer, who taught thousands of people to understand the true values of being helpful to others.

As you have seen power is something that confuses a person to an off course direction. Especially in leaders, sometimes power diverts them from the path of influencer to a controller. Which results in a failure leadership. As I have mentioned many times in my blogs, people eagerly follow such leaders who guide them without any hostility or negative vibes. People will not remain in a place where they have been pressured or controlled.

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Our Digital Leaders rely on Technology but Believe their Intuition more

We teach the leaders to believe their true inner sense more than any technology or software. The inner sense is something that you develop through time and experience, which will not betray or disappoint you in any situation. We give the leaders the set of  skills like introspection, visualization, articulation, retrospection that enhances the sense of urgency, foresight, trust, and empathy.

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