Your Organization Roadmap to Agility

Every organization has a roadmap for change management. A general question arises, Do these organizations assess their current state, direction and correct their approach? Are you a leader who is responsible for the organization and people growth? Do you have the necessary thinking tools and support from your colleagues, peers in bringing a shared understanding of the organization goals? If not, then it is the right time to think about bringing awareness about the change and adopt a continuous transformation practice.

As a leader you must practice yourself and help others to embrace a "continuous" practice approach in their daily work.

Here is a simple example of how practices like "Agile" practices are helping the organization to achieve business agility - a direct connect from mindset to ability of the organization to move fast, change/adapt at sustainable controllable pace for achieving the intended business goals!

Agile Mindset to Agility through Agile Practice

Agile practices can be considered as LEGO® blocks with a focus to build a better and customized practice rather than copying practices from other organizations. But before customizing, the organization must have some fundamental understanding of practices and practices are based on immutable principles and values which we firmly believe. 

The common agile mindset/practices that we require to develop better software is

1) Cadence and Feedback based loop

2) Flow approach 

3) High-Quality and Built-in Quality (engineering/development/operations) practices

4) Collaborative culture practices

5) Servant Leadership approach 

Scrum XP Kanban DevOps for Business Agility

1) Cadence and Feedback based loop is usually provided by a "Scrum" type of approach as a team-level practice.

2) Flow approach and practices are inherited from Lean thinking and visualization with Kanban / pull-based approach for the end-to-end flow of value.

3) Built-in quality and high-quality practices can be inherited from eXtreme Programming which applies to flow of value for team and team-of-teams structures.

4) Collaborative culture practices can be inherited from the DevOps movement, which helps to deliver value faster by improving the collaboration between Operations and Development at an organization level and end-to-end flow of value. 

5) Servant Leadership approach for developing People's skills and encouraging fail-fast and learning approach to achieve long-term success. The intention of the Servant-Leadership is to serve others, instead of the traditional authority and compliance based leadership. Many organizations have started seeing the benefits of Leadership as the foundation and safety net, and enabling their employees to take risks and perform as a team. These organizations has successfully avoided the individual performance evaluations to promote a healthy teamwork culture. 


Be focused on business agility and the actual roadmap assessment of your organization's current state and direction. As a Leader, get trained, and also help your organization to get the required training on facilitation, leadership, transformation, team and technical agility practices - which are essential for achieving business agility. Have you trained your management, leaders, executives, teams on lean-agile foundations, scaling business agility, team-level practices? If not, you must focus on the training and help your organization have the correct mindset and understanding of agile practices and agility. 

Organization Roadmap to Agility


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