Transformation Blog Series: Part I - Organization Direction

In this Part I of this Transformation Blog Serieswe will present the Organization Direction topic from the following discussion

Susan Gibson

CEO of Temenos + Agility, Co-Founder & Thought Leader, SPCT and Transformation

Dean Leffingwell

SAFe Co-Founder, Chief Methodologist



Part1: Organization Direction 

Highlights: Underestimating the Change
Key Takeaways:

Here are my key takeaways.

Training Everyone means establishing a good foundation

An organization must focus on establishing a good foundation by creating awareness, education on the change that they want to introduce and also build a shared understanding of the common goal.

Training further with role-based training is establishing proper guidance

Once we establish a good foundation for the transformation, the next step is to provide role-based training for succeeding in the roles (i.e., the role-based training will set the people to focus on value)

Coaching Everyone in the transformation scope

There are many roles generically; we could classify them as

Leadership, Management, Teams, Enablers & Facilitators

  • Leadership (People who are responsible for building the systems)
  • Management (People who manage the systems)
  • Teams (People who develop value)
  • Enablers (people who support: HR, Admin, IT Services, Shared Services, Security and others)
  • Facilitators (Transformation Agents)

Focusing on Results

We get maximum benefits when we organize around value. The critical exercise is value-stream mapping, which helps us to maximize value & minimize waste by continuous improvement. The Value stream will create a Lean Enterprise mindset through everyone's participation in the delivery of value. The results will be different if the newly trained change agents are not changed yet for the change that they want to see and also have enough coaching, training for implementing the change. 


  1. Establish a good foundation
  2. Establish good guidance
  3. Coach the Roles
  4. Focus on Results
  5. Organize around Value

Book Reference

Transformation Series Part1 Book Reference-1

In the next Part II, we will see the Organization Structure & Organizing around the value (Designing the ARTs - Agile Release Trains and Team Structure).

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Part I: Organization Direction 
Highlights: Underestimating the Change
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