Transformation Blog Series: Part IV - Technical Agility & DevOps

In this Part IV of this Transformation Blog Series, we will present the Technical Agility & DevOps topic from the following discussion

Susan Gibson

CEO of Temenos + Agility, Co-Founder & Thought Leader, SPCT and Transformation

Dean Leffingwell

SAFe Co-Founder, Chief Methodologist



In the new SAFe® 4.6 version of SAFe we are covering the five core competencies. The Technical Agility and DevOps is an integral part of the five core competencies.

In the next & final part of this Transformation Blog series, we will see the Future of SAFe® 


Links to Transformation Blog Series 

Part I: Organization Direction 
Highlights: Underestimating the Change
Duration: ~3mins

Part II: Organization Structure and Organizing around Value 
Highlights: Designing the Agile Release Train (ARTs) and Team Structure
Duration: 4mins40secs

Part III: Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Highlights: Importance of Releasing Value
Duration: ~3mins

Part IV: Technical Agility & DevOps
Highlights: Agile Software Engineering & DevOps
Duration: ~2mins

Next Step: Systems & Software Engineering and Next SAFe® 
Duration: ~2mins



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