The rhythm that Vision lends to life- Part 1

This is the first in a three part series of posts that explore the meaning of ‘rhythm’ in life- whether professional or personal- and how your True Personal Vision helps attain that rhythm.

Rhythm is an intrinsic facet not just of music but also of life.

Indeed, regardless of what you may be doing, you could find an underlying rhythm to almost all your actions. There’s rhythm in the way you walk and  in your speech. Rhythm is even present in actions that you may perform unconsciously. For example, while you are deep in sleep, practically unconscious to the whole world, your breathing still has a rhythm.


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Like in music, rhythm lends momentum to life


And it’s not just in human life that rhythm is to be discovered. Just look at the clouds drifting by in the sky- the frequency of a cloud passing across one particular point in the sky may be termed ‘arrhythmic.’ But the thing to keep in mind is that arrhythmic rhythm is also a part of reality- just as atonal melody could be part of a musical composition.

Seeking a rhythm natural to life

Be that as it may be, in our life- be it professional or personal- we seek the good old fashioned ‘periodic rhythm’ to guide our lives.

Anyone with some amount of living behind them would tell you that while it’s natural for us to seek a rhythmic progress, it’s often the hardest thing to find. And this lack of rhythm gives rise to the equivalent of a tuneless song in life.

Surely, that’s not desirable. Like a chaotic tune which sounds like just cacophony without any experimental rigour, life would be filled with chaotic happenings if you remain unable to discover the rhythm you seek. For one thing- to use a musical example- without rhythm, you wouldn’t know when to play which notes.

Translated to life, this means that you find yourself at a loss as to what to do at crucial junctures. Confusion reigns supreme at such times, curbing progress. This is distressing not just in the personal space but in the context of an organization as well.

Managers and other change agents who are in leadership positions face a double-whammy of troubles when they don’t have the rhythm they are seeking. For one thing, there is the obvious individual distress that the accompanying chaos of rhythmless life brings.

Then, there’s the issue of leading your subordinates. Rhythm is invariably connected to progress. In musical terms, you could say that rhythm is the bridge that helps you progress from the beginning of the song to its end. In other words, it is with rhythm that the progress happens in the song. That’s true with life as well. You need to find your rhythm to give meaning to life, to keep things moving, and also to help guide your subordinates to the future.

So, how do you find this rhythm? 

Finding rhythm with True Personal Vision

True Personal Vision is the vision that can be found within your own self and nowhere else in the universe. An assertion of your individuality, True Personal Vision is a vision for the future- of a destination towards which you could take the organization. A synthesis of your passions, knowledge, drive and more, it’s one thing the discovery of which would bring the sense of direction and rhythm that lacks in many an organization. 

Unfortunately, this vision lies buried in your mind what with the myriad distractions of everyday life. You could think of it as a gem lying hidden, covered with sand.

This necessitates a special space, warm and friendly, where you could take a step back from the stress of everyday living and get in tune with your soul.



Temenos Vision Lab or TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility to help you realize your True Personal Vision. Using proprietary tools, TVL is conducted by some of the best leadership coaches in business with extensive experience in conducting transformative sessions.

The discovery of True Personal Vision is a pivotal moment in a change agent’s life. One which brings about a true transformation- to being a more confident, purposeful and successful change agent. And more than anything, a leader who could guide his or her team towards greater prosperity.

In the process, the purpose also gives you rhythm, to do one thing after another, whatever is required to make the vision a reality, prompting you to discover a sequence of actions that become a beautiful rhythm of progress.


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