Restructuring IT Service Delivery with SAFe®

Restructuring IT Service Delivery with SAFe®

IT Service Organisations commonly utilize Project Management approach to deliver value to their customers. They often need to hire and assemble project team members based on the project; sometimes the projects are extended every six months towards a long-term contract or only less than six months. There are many disadvantages of keeping the talent in waiting mode and also creating a search program for each for their project, these two approaches as mentioned below does have a problem in the short-term and long-term, and it is inefficient.

We suggest taking a look at the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe® which provides a lean-agile organization structure, where you can arrange your teams for a specific vertical in the form of Agile Release Trains for Large Solutions as Solution trains to deliver value through Teams or Programs or Solutions.

Restructuring IT Service Delivery with SAFe®

SAFe® is a customizable framework and offers many readily available configurations like

  • Full SAFe®
  • Portfolio SAFe®
  • Large Solution SAFe®
  • Essential SAFe®

Depending on your service organization structure, you create the Business Vertical with set of trains or programs (actually called as ARTs - a SAFe® Agile Release Train) consists of 50-125 people and a virtual organization with leadership, management and teams which helps customer in a continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment and Release on demand with DevOps and Continuous Delivery approach.

This SAFe® way will make the individuals work together long-term without the fear of losing a project or find projects for their skills, instead, they will be trained and developing internal POCs and external customer deliverables through the program backlog and solution backlog.

Learn more about restructuring your IT Service organization for Enterprise Agility from Temenos + Agility and also about SAFe® at®/

We will be covering a detail step-by-step guidance for transforming IT Service organizations in the next set of blogs, stay tuned!


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