How To Link Talent To The 5% High-Impact Jobs In Organizations

A McKinsey study shows that  95 percent of impact in an organization is made by just 5 percent of jobs. In other words, there are certain roles in an organization which is crucial for its success. Contrary to what you may think, not all these roles are in the top tier. At last, not in all the cases.

But that’s not to say that managers and leaders don’t have an important role to play. In anything, they have an even more important task than ever before: to identify the right talent to fill in the most crucial 5 percent jobs.

So, how do you go about this? Here, we find answers.


Different employees would value different kinds of jobs

Link talent to jobs they value 

To ensure long-term excellence in a role, the best strategy is to ensure that the person who fills that role values the job from the outset. The underlying philosophy here is simple: if it’s something that you take pride in doing, you are bound to be self-driven, getting better and more innovative at the task naturally. Especially in the contemporary era when the nature of jobs often changes drastically, this is an important asset for an employee.

 Now that it’s established that it makes sense to have people who value a certain job to take it up(as opposed to going blindly based on someone’s educational qualifications etc.), the question then arises as to how you would find this particular person?

To do that, you must understand what drives an individual to perform. To be more clear, you would need to discover their deepest aspirations.

The Temenos Vision Lab(TVL) provides an excellent venue to help you make this pivotal discovery.

Temenos Vision Lab- a session for key insights

TVL is a unique session developed by Temenos+Agility. Developed based on 25 years of business consultancy experience, it helps change agents discover their True Personal Vision and teams their Compelling Shared Vision.

For our discussion, the former is more important- True Personal Vision.

One the outset itself, let it be made clear that this vision we are talking about is distinct from a short term goal which you may be pursuing. Rather, True Personal Vision is the vision initiate to an individual, which can only be found in his or her own self and nowhere else.

The best analogy of a vision is a journey which you are destined to take. To finish that journey successfully, you may have to perform certain tasks on the way- these could be the short term goals. In a road trip for instance, there may come points when you short term goal is to find a gas station or maybe a restaurant when you are hungry. But the vision- the end goal- is to reach a destination.

TVL comprises different steps including Personal Mythology, Clean Slate, Personal Vision and Compelling Shared Vision.

Of these, the Personal Mythology session is extremely relevant in identifying the aspirations of change agents. In the session, the change agents frame a narrative of their aspirations and their road of progress so far, as also their projected way forward. The change agents are encouraged to share this narrative with each other.

This has a twofold effect: One is that the narrative gets bolstered in them the more they share it with others, thereby giving them more confidence in themselves. The second advantage is that it helps the team members gain a better understanding of each other, which paves the way to a team in better sync.

A third, tangential advantage from a team leader’s point of view is that it helps them gain a clear perspective of the person’s aspirations. Not just that, since the mythology includes how they overcame challenges in their past, it would also give you a fair idea of how driven s/he is in the pursuit of their aspirations.

The aspirations of the change agents that are thus revealed to you gives you a strong basis for picking one or the other among them for particular roles. Simply put, if the nature of a high impact job fits into the aspiration of a change agent, you have found the right person!

As mentioned before, there are steps other than Personal Mythology in TVL- steps that help clear change agents of their unwanted mental baggage, discover their Personal Vision and more. This makes TVL a holistic session to kick start the next brave new phase of transformation for change agents and organizations.

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