How Temenos Helps Leaders Avoid The  Micromanagement Trap

Balancing micromanagement with a hands-off approach to management is quite the tightrope walk. While there is nothing inherently wrong with micromanagement- indeed, there are scenarios when it’s called for- there is no doubt that too much micromanaging would tarnish your team’s morale.

The team members would either be hapless in this mode of management, or silently rebellious. Worst of all is the fact that they wouldn’t be able to make independent decisions, which will affect the overall quality of work and productivity.

Also, it’s not only the team members who are negatively affected by micromanagement, you the leader would also spend a lot of time tweaking little processes and lose your focus on the bigger tasks.          

And when it comes to balancing micromanaging and adopting a hands-off approach, most leaders end up micromanaging because they think it’s the safe approach.


Micromanagement creates internal conflicts

So, why do leaders micromanage?

While there might be multiple reasons why leaders micromanage, the root cause is almost always insecurity. And one of the main reasons for insecurity could be a past mistake or incident.

For instance, there might have been an instance in the past when a project fell out of your control for one reason or another. Most probably, the mistake was made by someone else. But you are apprehensive that unless you micromanage, such mistakes would keep arising. Unfortunately, following through this thinking would only have a negative impact.


Temenos could help you

How could Temenos help you avoid the micromanagement trap?

As a company that facilitates individual transformation to enable better leaders and organisations, Temenos uses a proprietary model called Clean Slate Lab(CS). Based on psychological science and management theory, it is a significant offering from Temenos for creating better leaders.

Clean Slate Lab

Simply put, Clean Slate Lab helps you begin afresh, leaving behind the burdens of past. It helps you take a critical view of yourself, so that you could learn from past mistakes and gain confidence from what you have done right. You are then encouraged to move forward taking the positive attributes from your past, and leaving the negative ones behind.


A visualization from a Clean Slate Lab

While at times you may get tempted to micromanage, the Clean Slate Lab from Temenos is the perfect antidote to such negative impulses!

To learn more about Clean Slate Lab, read this blog entry.

A Temenos video on nurturing leadership

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