The Sails Are Set - Where to Next A Workshop to Create Your Personal Vision


WiT Regatta 2021

You can watch the Workshop recording here.

It was a great success with the host Melody (WiT regatta the founder) it was the 1st Virtual WiT Regatta.

As Siraj Says, "That's my favorite workshop. That's why I come to WiT Regatta as often as I can. The second thing is, while we have done this workshop that Melody describes in the physical world, either as a small group or as a large group, this is the first time we are doing with WiT Virtually. But guess what, we have already practiced this in the virtual world with others."

Susan Gibson & Siraj Sirajuddin session "The Sails Are Set - Where to Next A Workshop to Create Your Personal Vision" was an icebreaker that made everyone interact with new people comfortably. It was very interactive; people enjoyed discussing their personal Vision.



When you are sharing your Vision, the others are holding you and taking care of you. And listening to you and helping you refine, and then you do the same for them when it's their time.

StorytellingSusan & Siraj is sharing their personal Vision.


Power of Articulation:

Articulation tells you about yourself, but it empowers you with others, and then it empowers other people also. And at that time, when you're sharing with the whole group, the idea is to think, if I can do it, you can do it. And if you can do it, I can do it.

Influence mapInfluence Map


What is the Vision?

You can see the third pillar below (Temenos Flow) that says Vision. And you have to do a short reflection and some visualization, whether you write in a journal, you can do it on the iPad, on stickies, or you want to draw some pictures, But some kind of a short reflection around key influences. So that's your past. What are the barriers that might be holding you down? And that's the present, that's the current reality. And then it lets your mind open up to your Vision. You may already have a vision in mind for yourself. And so that reflection goes very quickly, don't get stuck on this, just let it emerge. And don't get bogged down in those details. Where do you see yourself, and whatever's coming up. That gives you a way to share your story around your Personal Vision.




Susan Influence Map:



Siraj Influence Map:



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