Transformation Blog Series: Future of SAFe®

In this Final Part of the Transformation Blog series, Susan & Dean is discussing about the Future of SAFe®


Susan Gibson

CEO & Co-Founder of Temenos + Agility, Thought Leader, SPCT and Transformation

Dean Leffingwell

SAFe Co-Founder, Chief Methodologist


 Future of SAFe®


In this discussion the key takeaways are

1. Scaling Software Craftsmanship is very difficult and we need to focus on Software Engineering and Systems Engineering for building the Lean Enterprise.

2. A systematic and structured way is possible for scaling Software Craftsmanship. Please see the SAFe® 4.6 and Dean & Team is working on the Next SAFe®


More information on SAFe® related training and events, please visit the following events page of Temenos + Agility.

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Temenos Effect Gathering 2018- Bengaluru, India(Dec 29, 2018)

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