The Wounded Healer: Turning Wounds into Wisdom & Healing

Editor’s Note: Original blog was published on: Oct 18, 2016

How do people heal?

What happens after the healing?

Who is the Wounded Healer?

What makes you a Wounded Healer?

What is the Purpose of a Wounded Healer?

“To take care of yourselves, you must take care of the helpless Beggar inside you.

You have to embrace him/her. You have to talk to him/her.

You have to do something that shows that you acknowledge his/her presence.

You must promise to give your all to heal and look after him/her.” 

- Siraj Sirajuddin

A time comes, when our consciousness understands that it is deranged, wounded because of enormous pain and loss. That is when our “Self” seeks for healing to create a balance. Harmony is created when you get connected with your own “Self” (e.g., the Beggar inside you). You learn that because of pain, you can feel the beauty of healing. You let the wings of freedom to guide your life. Rumi says, “The wounds are the places where light enters.” people are not meant to stay wounded forever. As the tides have to take a turn, your life needs to move forward. Those who can change; they heal themselves; overcome the burdens, and become the healers for others.

You must be wondering when can I think that “I have found healing?”

The answer is: when you’re able to say, I understand why things had to happen this way. I know the reason for my pain. But merely understanding it wouldn’t help me. These scars are evidence of my victory. It conveys that I survived the battle. They are mine. So I accept them, and I will never be the same again.

Siraj also adds,

“People like you and I are created by experiencing many emotions coming from many experiences. 

Our wounds teach us life lessons. They create ways for us to connect, teach, and touch other’s hearts. 

We call this phenomenon in many names - Attunement, Empathy, Sympathy, sometimes we know it as Limerence. 

The people or leaders or change agents who are capable drive such forces around them are known as Wounded Healers.”

The famous psychologist Carl Jung coined the concept of The Wounded Healer. He took the insights of this Archetypal healing from Greek Mythology. The myth of Chiron (The wisest Centaur) -was once inflicted with a severe physical wound. In his way to recovery, he found the goal of being a “Teacher of healing.” Many wise people have said, healing is not a process between the healer and the wounded. It’s a process of two equals. The teacher does heal the wounds, but the one who orchestrates it is the healer’s own experience of healing.

What can I find in the Temenos Effect Gatherings?


You will find:

  • Ability to map your compulsions to make a change impact.
  • Learn practical ways to implement the concept of “Wounded healers” to increase balance and counterbalance.
  • Embark on a Change Agent journey that accepts the challenges, embraces the opportunities, and achieves mastery over transformation.
  • Be a unique leader by receiving the experience and wisdom of many change leaders/wounded healers and our community.
  • Seize this chance to tell your story that may serve to help others.
  • If you think you don’t have a story to tell. Join us to find and recognize your part of storytelling.
  • Meet with the people who share your passion, and you may find people who would be willing to be a part of your journey.

How the Gathering will enable me to help others (Like my customers, business)?

A question from those who are purely business-oriented and of course it’s a good question, you are not doing anything terrible if this strikes a chord. Healing is something that is deeply rooted in a personal level. What you are inside, that reflects in your actions, that’s what people see and feel about you. As much it’s about your wellness, it is also about taking care of others as a person. It can be about your clients, employees, or colleagues. The attitude and behavior of a Change Agent/Wounded healer you need because people are the key to everything that happens in your world. Also not to forget that you are standing at the center of that world.


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