The Temenos Effect Gatherings 2018

We are in a position of financial and social power, and we could be agents of change in our society. Without pretension, I believe we could be a nice little gardener who takes care of the garden, and hopefully, our neighbor will do the same. Then we will achieve a better world - Guy Laliberte

Open up & Express your stories of Success and Sabotage:

I trust, when we better comprehend what we stand for, what we value for, what we can lead, and whom to look for help, everything becomes better in life. As you know, we are always in an environment of uncertainty and unpredictability which are the results of continuous technological, social and cultural evolution. People are in constant dynamic phases that demand not only adaptation but also the tools, practices to master the self and embrace change.

The times of turmoils harbinger anxiety, unsolved conflicts, failures, and fears. So, there’s an absolute need of effective and influential ways to trigger a Purpose-driven ecosystem - Where people can obtain the meaningful transformative behaviors, practices to reinvent and recreate themselves.

Temenos Founder, Siraj Sirajuddin says, “Every individual needs an Ecosystem to grow, nurture and bring out revolution. Temenos intends to co-create a safe and secure ecosystem for Wounded healers/Change Agents to enhance their actions and ethical aspirations


Connecting your voice to make the world see your message:

All through history, practically every culture had workmanship, music, move, design, verse, narrating, pottery and sculpting. The longing to make is not constrained by convictions, nationality, creed, or period.

Join our retreat, write and speak about the world that your message revolves around. In doing so, bring the understanding of your experience to heal those who are alone in dark and lost.

You know, this is something you can not learn from reading books. Only when you encounter the pain yourself, you would be able to figure out how to heal yourself. And by identifying the sufferings of others, helping them along their way to harmony -- You become a Wounde Healer.

You may not know, we always stay in a state of vulnerability. But that doesn’t mean you are in danger and insecure. Think, How can you create things differently? When our own universe demands the action of learning and unlearning of What we truly want (on our vision), the outside uncertainty didn’t permit us. We lose the battle when we lose the self-determination. How can you be more innovative with yourself? How can you use the rift between Vision and current reality as our source of energy? Finally, how can you make the time your ally? This urge resides in all of us … We just need to find it!!

Let this conference be the day to Liberate yourself from fruitless worry. Seize this amazing opportunity and take effective action on things you can change and be upfront about the coming uncertainties.

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