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Temenos is a container or ecosystem within which one functions. Traditional examples of a Temenos include groups, organizations or programs you are a part of.

Readers of this blog would be familiar with the word Temenos being used to mean a sphere of activities. But the interesting fact is that the archetype also helps shape the Temenos by his or her activities. Typically, archetypes (re)shape the container as they guide or help in its transformation. After all, transformation implies a shift in shape, ideally for the better.

While traditional containers are what we typically interact in, Temenos relates to the future as well. To be more precise, to shaping the future.

A Temenos is a field of activity, which could include multiple archetypes

To say that we live in a highly competitive world would be an understatement. Only those organizations or individuals who could effectively define a future container- an innovative Temenos- would have a competitive advantage going forward.

A futuristic vision of a Temenos is depicted in the 1999 film, ‘The Matrix.’ The narrative of the movie takes place in an year close to 2199. Only, the humans are caught in a computer generated  illusory web. This makes them think, believe, and act as if they are still in the year 1999. The illusive web is called the Matrix, created by a super-intelligence which was in turn created by man. These highly evolved machines now feed sensory inputs into the brains of humans they hold as captives- so  they could harvest bioelectrical energy from the human body. Humans lie in pods filled with semi-amniotic fluid, oblivious to reality, lost in a daze of sensations fed via advanced technology. (If this premise sounds mind-bending, that’s because it is.)

Enter Neo. He is a liberated one. Someone who has seen reality. More importantly, he has  the ability to liberate the captive humans.

The movie deals with how Neo and his band of rebels go about fighting the system the machines have put in place, to gain freedom for the humans. In the process, Neo interacts with the Temenos - the Matrix.He understands it, bends it to his will, reshapes it, manipulates it like no one else can, and create wide reaching ripples that shake the system to the core.

Family, sweet music, bright sunrises..these could be contents of your Temenos you could define

One of the biggest joys of watching the Wachowski Sisters directed film is seeing how Neo brings about changes in the Matrix- in ways that no one before him could have envisioned. It’s two and half hours of brilliantly hallucinatory cinema, and also a view of a future Temenos, and its leading archetype- the archetype of pioneer.

Coincidentally, a key question ‘The Matrix’ asks is regarding life itself- something that Carl Gustav Jung, the path breaking psychologist whose teachings we at Temenos hold in high regard has dealt with. 

A central theme of the movie is the meaning of life and consciousness. What does it mean to be sentient? And if your reality is imposed on you, as opposed to creating it yourself, does life have meaning at all?

Jung famously said that meaning also is an archetype in the grand scheme of things. So, when you are dealt with fake reality, it stands to logic that the core Jungian archetype of meaning is missing - for in your reality, meaning is flaky. Jung also draws our attention to anima, which he calls the archetype of life itself.

By refusing to succumb to meanings imposed by vile external forces, and actively shaping or reshaping a Temenos of your own, your anima shines bright.

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