Pioneers are not necessarily the adventurous ones in an organization, but they are the ones who are diligent in doing something that has never been done before.

In an organizational journey, pioneers form an important archetype, because an organization would need to steer in new directions, towards destinations that are never explored before, for continual progress. And to make that happen, pioneers are a necessary archetype.


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Pioneers can show the way for others in the organization

A great real life example of the pioneer archetype is Jessica Watson. Born in 1993, Watson- an Australian, was just sixteen years old when she circumnavigated the southern hemisphere on her own. In fact, the voyage she undertook was only a little shorter than the 21,600 nautical miles required for it to be considered a global circumnavigation. Nonetheless, for all practical purposes it was an around-the-world voyage she completed, crossing the equator in the Pacific Ocean before crossing both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.

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Pioneers are explorers who open up new worlds

One significant aspect of the pioneers is their constant search for new horizons. You could say that by nature they are on a continual quest, exploring new terrain, searching new destinations, passing milestones one after the other.

But they never rest on their laurels.

Instead, in the pioneer’s life, one exploration leads to the next, and one achievement only acts as the fuel for the subsequent voyage.

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