Making the shift to Lean Portfolio Management - PMI Delaware Virtual Event with Susan Gibson

We would like to invite you to explore the modernization of Portfolio Management from traditional to lean-agile mindset and thinking approaches based portfolio management through this Online session "Making the shift to SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management" with our expert, thought leader and co-founder, CEO of Temenos + Agility Susan Gibson on Transitioning Traditional Portfolio to Lean Portfolio Management, through the following lean-agile transformation topic.

Overview of the Session:

Organizations face enormous challenges in transitioning some of the existing traditional approaches at portfolio level to more modern SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management approaches or similar Lean-Agile approaches. We want to provide some expert guidance on this SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management function as a transformation topic, provide suggestions to transition with what, why and how through our proven Temenos + Agility approach to train, coach and change the mindset by Language, Habits and Mindset transformation.

Here is the discussion of the "Making the shift to SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management" Jan 9th 2019 PMI-Delaware virtual event .


Learn about SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management and also the making the shift through the following guidelines and transitioning your traditional approaches like PMO and how to start your budgeting and financial plans by taking CFO and Finance team.

  • Strategy and Investment Funding
  • Agile Portfolio Operations
  • Lean Governance

This Project Management Institute Delaware chapter virtual event - Making the shift to SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management provides clarity on the famous organizational portfolio transformation that focuses on

1. Value Driven Development
2. Cadence / Feedback based approach

SAFe® Strategy and Investment Funding:

Why, How small-batches enable faster flow of value and create fast feedback through 1-4 weeks short feedback cycles at development and 8-12 weeks feedback cycles at portfolio level feedback, to get a realistic picture of the investment and performance.

Learn about Lean Portfolio Management from SAFe

SAFe® Agile Portfolio Operations

Get the essential guidance on how to transition your existing PMO, and this event talks about some of the common challenges and tasks that PMO has like adopting and transitioning, managing Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, enabling coaching, training, and facilitation of change, and Change Management.


SAFe® Lean Governance 

Learn how Lean Governance influences the portfolio, visualizes the flow of value, along with the required compliance and forecasting.


Temenos + Agility Unified approach for Language, Habits and Mindset Transformation

We have to transition the existing language, habits, and mindset with what we are changing and what we are no longer keeping in the workflow.

 Language Habits and Mindset Approach


References to SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Article



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