Personal Mythology

Mythology, the language that connects the distant chronologies to humans; the connection can be with the realm of Gods or the legendary kings or the ancient heroic humans.

Myths are all about stories-- stories being connected to one another and voyaging through the endless seasons.

Mythology is the personification of human psychology at a real event!

Temenos theory considers the ancient gods and heroes as the archetypes of human behavior and character. Humanism is very much influenced from the stories of those originators. From the primordial times there is an inseparable chain that connects the myths to the planetary beings-- It tells who we are; where we came from; and where we're heading to.

The ancient myths are not dead, they have been living in the stories of human lives and passing down from generation to generation through the tales of the fabulous storytellers.

Though we may not realize, we develop a personal mythology from a very inexperienced age about who we want to be in the future. Understanding the individual mythology is way beyond the comprehension level of many oblivious beings, but remember we are the absolute storytellers of our own lives.

What myths are we living?

When myths come down to a personal level, they become more than just stories.

Your stories come from your experiences. Experience comes from the events you face in your journey. Sometimes considerable memories of our lives trigger the introspection of the past, and we step into an unusual state of existence i.e. called the Visualization. Visualization is the experience of a person in a distant future--- who turns back to look into the past. The entangled strings of the past manifest many untold and abandoned images in the consciousness that are deeply buried in the subconscious mind---- those are the personal myths--the very myths you grew up with!

I wouldn’t say every experience can become a myth, but every myth is an experience. You don’t remember those completely, but you haven’t forgotten them yet---because of their meaningful attribution to build--- the present you.

Discover Your Personal Mythology

Generally the myth making process is done by storytelling. Temenos model says, “We don’t live in one myth, As our lives have been subdivided in the number of containers-- so do the myths.”

You can assume the "Temenos theory" comes from the love of ancientness-- the love we share with the primeval archetypes from whom our lives has been descended, without taking consideration of our existence, again and again we hear the myths of those mythic beings.

So doesn’t that make us a mythical being?

Each and every container tells a story and wise men never ignore the voice of their container. Modern psychological researches say personal myths are just not about storytelling or revealing someone's past --it also tells how a person sees the past. My following example will prove this fact Precisely.

Tom H., one of the research subjects of a psychological experiment, depicted his life story as a saga in which he was a warrior. Tom found himself in constant battle -with his friends, relatives and people in authority. At some point of storytelling, he described himself as a noble warrior, dutiful and sometimes as a hypocrite, alcoholic and irresponsible. According to Tom, his myth includes two of his archetypes, sometimes he was a warrior and sometimes a self-saboteur---THAT'S HOW HE VIEWS HIS PAST!

Yes, we are the mythical beings with many myths! We grow in our mythologies---our life episodes turn us into archetypes and we should always pay attention to our mythical journey because that is the key to self-discovery and self-mastery.

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